The sun’s rays can generate electricity for a town of 20,000 residents. Ceo Fulvio Conti outlines Enel’s commitment to the fight against climate change, at the “Meeting dell’Amicizia” in Rimini.

Rimini, 24 August 2007 – Photovoltaic solar panels are “sprouting” on Enel’s large out-of-town transformer stations: 14 of them already have this special roofing, and another 7 will be installed by early September. There will be 1,200 throughout Italy by 2010 – a solar power initiative that makes Enel one of the leaders in Europe. Over three years, with an investment of approximately 300 million euros, Enel will construct solar power installations with a capacity of over 35 MW: enough to provide energy to a town of 20,000 residents and prevent 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Specifically, Enel’s 1,200 transformer stations will be fitted with solar panels with a total capacity of 24 MW. Added to this is the large 6 MW installation currently being constructed on 10 hectares of land close to the site of the nuclear plant (never completed) at Montalto di Castro (Viterbo) and the 5 MW thermodynamic solar plant at Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa), known as "Progetto Archimede". This new capacity is in addition to the “historic” site at Serre Persano (Salerno), Italy’s first large photovoltaic solar power plant (3 MW), in operation since 1993, which is being built as part of the "Isole verdi" project. Launched this summer from Capraia and the Eolian Islands, the aim of the project is to provide Italy’s smaller islands with integrated systems for the generation of energy from renewable sources.

Through its network of specialised Enel Si stores, the company has also made a vital contribution to the wide spread of solar power, by installing more than a third of all photovoltaic solar panels in Italy, in residential, public and commercial premises. Customers are advised on the choice of system, the permits required, and maintenance – and help is also provided on the most appropriate financing options.

The announcement regarding the 300 million euros earmarked for solar power development was made today by Enel’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Fulvio Conti, during the “Meeting dell'Amicizia” in Rimini, where he was attending a round table debate entitled “The global climate challenge”. The investment is part of Enel’s Environmental Plan, presented at the end of 2006, for the development of renewable energy sources (wind, water, solar power, bio fuels and the earth’s natural heat), and for research and development of new environmentally friendly technologies.
A tangible commitment in the fight against climate change.

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