Starting Sunday, 21 December, more benefits for families with the e-light plans, which freeze electricity prices and provide flat rates for gas

Rome, 20 December 2008 – A Christmas surprise is awaiting families who, starting Sunday, 21 December, opt to switch to the free market by subscribing to one of Enel Energia’s wholly online offers. Enel Energia is the Enel Group company that sells electricity and gas on the free market.

Now, the range of e-light plans are even more attractive. The price of the electricity component of the e-light monoraria single-rate plan will be frozen for two years at 8.3 eurocents/kW. The prices for the e-light bioraria peak/off-peak plan and gas plans have also been lowered.
Under the e-light bioraria plan, the cost of the electricity component per kilowatt-hour is 6.7 cents, during the low-cost “blue time band”, which runs from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m., Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends and national holidays. During the rest of the day – the orange time band – the price is 11.6 cents. All customers with a remotely-readable digital meter are eligible for the e-light bioraria plan (Enel has installed about 32 million of these meters). This offer is best for those who consume at least 67% of their electricity during the blue time band, otherwise the single-rate offer is the more advantageous option.
The peace of mind of a 24-month guaranteed price for the energy component for gas service is now available online with the e-light gas plan, at a competitive price of 35.9 cents per cubic meter.
The benefits for customers do not end with the price, but also include the simplicity of the new plans and the range of services on offer. Customers will also receive six “flat-rate” bills every two months with constant electricity and gas components, calculated on the basis of the level of bimonthly consumption selected by customers themselves, with just one annual adjustment payment for actual consumption. Enel Energia reserves the right to adjust the pre-set consumption level, subject to notification of customers, where actual use is 15% greater or less than the level chosen by the customer.

The procedure for signing up for one of the e-light plans, which for customers in the enhanced protection market means moving to the free market, is completely on line.  Customers just have to visit and with a few clicks they can sign up directly for the plans and set up automatic bill payment from their bank or postal current accounts.

Thanks to Enel Energia’s new, constantly updated portal, customers can review all the contract documentation and study the terms and conditions of the plans online. Once they sign up, they will receive their bills in electronic format via e-mail, which can be easily saved on their computers. This also helps the environment by reducing the number of trees felled for paper and consequently lowering CO2 emissions. Customers who want to help the environment even more can make a voluntary payment of just €2 per month to receive electricity with RECS certification, an international certification system created to finance the development of renewable resources.

Today, more than 1.2 million families – of which more than 20% have also signed up for gas service – have decided to switch to the free market with Enel Energia. The company also serves more than 1.5 million customers in the business sector.

Another ongoing success is Enelpremia, which now has more than 1.2 million customers participate. Under the program customers can accumulate Energy Points that they can use to obtain discounts directly in their bill, prizes for the homes and leisure time and special benefits on purchases. The programme also awards additional points to those who consume less electricity in the second year of their contracts and even more points go to those using the Internet services for do-it-yourself meter reading and electronic billing. Thanks to agreements with more than 30 major partners, families can save between €350 and €750 per year on purchases made with their Enelpremia card.

In addition to the website, customers also have other contact options: a toll-free number– 800-900-860 – with operators available from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., as well as a host of PuntoEnel and offices, where expert staff members are ready to welcome new Enel Energia electricity and gas customers. To find the nearest PuntoEnel office or store, just visit
Please note that the guaranteed price regards the energy component of the reference price for the enhanced protection market. For a typical household (primary residence, 3kW of power, annual consumption of 2,700 kWh), this component represents about 65% of the total electricity price, VAT and other taxes excluded. That price does not include other rate components applied in the amount established by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, with the exception of the sales component, which is fixed. 
For gas, the guaranteed price regards the component covering the variable wholesale cost of gas (the CCI component). For a typical household (primary residence, annual consumption of 1,400 cubic meters), this component represents about 60% of the total gas price, VAT and other taxes excluded. That price does not include other rate components applied in the amount established by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, with the exception of the retail sales component, which is fixed.

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