The video maker competition promoted by ENEL will be an “emission free” one: a tree will be planted for every 1000 votes and a booklet of "environment-friendly tips" will help create “CO2 free” videos.
Director Paolo Sorrentino will chair the panel of experts.

Bologna, January 29, 2009 — Between today and March 31, users can vote online for their favourite work submitted in the fifth edition of the Enel Digital Contest, the international prize for video makers promoted by Enel and the Associazione Amici del Future Film Festival.

Web surfers will be able to watch all the videos in the competition and express their preferences on the website www.enel.it/digitalcontest, which is completely new and increasingly more Web 2.0 oriented.

This year, the Enel Digital Contest is the first CO2 free competition for video makers in Italy. Enel has partnered with AzzeroCO2 to neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions associated with this initiative. To offset these emissions, a small green area will be created on the banks of the Po River park, with room for expansion over time with subsequent tree planting.

To demonstrate that even the world of short films can and must be sustainable, all the finalists were given a copy of the booklet which was published on-line, with short, simple rules for making videos that respect the environment.

Web surfers can also make a difference: a new tree will be planted in the park every 1000 votes cast online.

After the success of the last edition, which included a surprising number of "online judges" (more than 30,000 votes came in) the Internet population is being called upon once again to play a key role in choosing two of the winners of Enel Digital Contest.

As every year, the popular panel will be supported by an illustrious panel of experts, chaired by the director Paolo Sorrentino, who in turn will select two winners and award four special prizes.

The 2008-2009 competition included the extensive participation of young people from all over the world: 326 registrants and 151 short films were submitted to the final phase of the competition, thus marking a 26% increase compared to last year.

Beyond its value as an opportunity for young people to increase their visibility and exchange ideas, the Enel Digital Contest also represents an important avenue for reflection on the sustainable use of energy: participants are also invited to develop the theme proposed, “The power of energy”, with a view to the environmental preservation of our planet.

Further confirmation of this aim is the institution of an important new special prize which Enel will award to the best short film for the environment, and the fact that the CNR (Italian National Research Council) and the New Zealand Government Agency for Commerce and Investment are also backing the initiative.

Other exciting developments this year include the introduction of plenty of new prizes. Awards will go to the best animated short film and/or with special effects, best female creative talent, the best creative idea and the best soundtrack, as well as prizes awarded by the numerous universities that support the initiative with their sponsorship.


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