Today, households who choose to switch to the free market with Enel Energia can benefit from an innovative offer that allows them to choose their “tier” and pay an “all-inclusive” rate, excluding taxes, for their energy

Rome, March 16, 2009 - “Energia Tutto Compreso” is the new offer by Enel Energia, the Enel Company that handles electricity and gas sales on the free market, which gives households the certainty of their electrical costs and a simple bill that is easier to read.

This truly innovative offer is a demonstration of the transparency and simplicity that Enel wants to give consumers who, today more than ever, need to understand what they are getting for their money.

Energia Tutto Compreso includes a fixed and invariable price for two years that includes all the items on the bill, excluding taxes.
The package caters primarily, but not exclusively, to customers with 3kW residential contracts, which account for nearly 80% of the domestic market. Enel Tutto Compreso comes in three usage tiers:
Small: the two-year rate for usage of 100 kWh each month is € 12 per month (excluding taxes).
Medium: the rate for usage of 225 kWh each month is € 28 per month (excluding taxes).
Large: the rate for usage of 300 kWh each month is € 44 per month (excluding taxes).

Customers who stay within the usage limits of the package chosen will receive a bill every three months that exactly reflects the rate plan selected (excluding taxes). If electricity usage exceeds the upper limit, the surcharge for the additional kilowatt-hours will also be all-inclusive, excluding taxes. There are no unpleasant surprises with Energia Tutto Compreso.

Choosing the right plan is easy. Customers can go to the website www.enel.it to find the package most appropriate to their consumption needs by using the online simulator, making their choice even easier.

By choosing Energia Tutto Compreso, customers that already have a remotely-monitored electronic meter (more than 80% of Italian families) can also take advantage of the free text-message service that notifies the consumer of the exact amount of kilowatt-hour consumption in the past month.

As in all Enel Energia products, customers who choose Energia Tutto Compreso can also sign up for the Enelpremia loyalty pogramme and receive a bonus of 3000 Punti Energia each year, equal to a discount of € 30 to apply directly to their bill.

To date, more than 1.35 million households — more than 20% of them also choosing Enel as their gas supplier — have chosen to switch to the free market with Enel Energia. Enel also serves more than 1.6 million business clients.

Continuing successfully this year is Enelpremia, the programme that includes more than 1.3 million customers. Under this plan, customers can accumulate bonuses Punti Energia and receive discounts directly on their energy bill, special gifts for the home and leisure activities, and extra discounts on other purchases. Furthermore, Enel has signed agreements with 30 large partners, which allow to save households between € 350 and € 750 each year on their purchases when they use the Enelpremia card.

Thanks to the services offered by the up-to-the-minute Enel Energia web site, customers can view product information and contract conditions right in their own homes, online. Plus, customers who choose to automatically pay their bills with direct debit from their bank or post office account, or using a credit card, can request their bill by e-mail. The bill is delivered in the electronic format to their e-mail address, so they can store it on the home computers, providing benefits to the environment with fewer trees being cut down for paper and lower CO2 emissions.

The switch to Enel Tutto Compreso, under which customers who sign up will have the additional protection of switching to the free market, can be made online by connecting to www.enel.it or by calling toll free, 800 900 860. Two thousand telephone operators are standing by Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm. Or, customers can stop by one of the 690 PuntoEnel and Enel.si where expert personnel have all the info on how to become electricity and gas customers of Enel Energia. To find the location of the most convenient PuntoEnel or Enel.si, simply log on to www.enel.it.
For customers who prefer person-to-person contact when making their choice, Enel Energia has more than two thousand representatives across the country to provide all the information necessary to make the right decision.

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