- The company is participating in the initiative by Confindustria and Trade Unions with a contribution of 2.4 million, euros.
- Enel Cuore offers 600 thousand euros for reconstruction work aimed at the most vulnerable.
- For employees affected by the earthquake, 20 million euros in interest-free bridge financing, as well as an overall grant of 1 million euros for those who have lost their homes.
- Enel extends the suspension of bill payments established under Government decree from 2 to 4 months; the cost of emergency connections and restoration of existing hook-ups will be borne by Enel.

Rome, 10 April 2009 – In keeping with its traditionally close links with the community, Enel wants to help alleviate the suffering of the population of L'Aquila hit by the earthquake. Enel has therefore decided to participate in the initiative proposed by Confindustria and the trade unions, under which employees will donate the equivalent of one hour of pay and companies will make a matching contribution. In any case, Enel will contribute some 2.4 million euros, the equivalent of two hours of pay for each employee.

Enel Cuore is providing 600,000 euros for a rebuilding project for the elderly, children, sick and disabled, the most vulnerable social groups to which the activity of Enel’s non-profit arm is devoted. Of this amount, 100,000 euros have been donated by the Group’s foreign companies, first and foremost the Russian generation company OGK-5.

Those affected by the earthquake also include about 180 Enel employees, to whom the company will provide interest-free bridge financing totalling 20 million euros until the emergency public funds arrive. Enel has also earmarked up to 1 million euros for grants to employees who have lost or will lose their home as a result of the earthquake.

Enel has collaborated closely in the emergency response effort, mobilising 160 employees to restore electricity supply and public lighting and to monitor the gas network in the area of L'Aquila. The company has also provided the Civil Defence Agency with 33 generators, 8 light towers and 4 natural gas tank trailers to help heat and illuminate the common zones of the tent camps and emergency command headquarters.

In addition, between 20 and 25 April it will be possible to donate blood at the medical centre of the Rome headquarters.

Finally, the company has decided to extend the suspension of bill payment deadlines under a Government decree from 2 to 4 months. The cost of emergency connections requested by the Civil Defence Agency and the restoration of existing hook-ups requested by the public in the area affected by the earthquake will borne by the company.

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