- Strategic Plan and associated Investment and Financial Stability Plan presented to Epifani, Bonanni and Angeletti.
- Company to hire 3,000 new staff in the three-year period 2009-2011, 60% in Italy.
- Two agreements signed, one on Corporate Social Responsibility and the other establishing an Observatory on the company's industrial, environmental and employment policies.

Rome, April 27, 2009 – Enel’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Fulvio Conti, met today with the Secretaries General of Italian trade unions Cgil, Cisl and Uil — Guglielmo Epifani, Raffaele Bonanni and Luigi Angeletti — and the Secretaries of the respective trade union federations — Alberto Morselli, Carlo De Masi and Augusto Pascucci — to present the Company’s Strategic Plan for the period 2009-2013 and the associated Investment and Financial Stability Plan, and sign two important agreements.

At the meeting, the parties stressed the need to speed the execution of the investments planned by Enel in the plants located in Porto Tolle (Rovigo), Rossano Calabro (Cosenza), and Piombino (Livorno), network developments, and the construction of the regasifier in Porto Empedocle (Agrigento).

The development and efficiency-building initiatives outlined in the Plan define the framework within which Enel is going to develop the planned employment policies. Despite the difficult economic and financial context, Enel has confirmed its intention to continue to hire new staff in order to enhance the structures under development and ensure the appropriate generational continuity.

The Company plans to hire 3,000 new staff over the three-year period 2009-2011, approximately 60% in Italy and the rest abroad. In Italy in particular, more than 300 new staff have been hired already this year and the Company expects the total number of new staff hired during all of 2009 to rise to at least 700. The newly hired staff consist primarily of recent secondary-school and university graduates and the website remains the primary recruitment channel.

In addition, two agreements were signed: the Protocol on Enel’s Corporate Social Responsibility and the agreement establishing the Observatory on Enel’s Industrial, Environmental and Employment Policies.

The two documents, which are a formal representation of a process of dialog with trade union federations, establish a series of shared principles and implementation methods to support the exchange of ideas on Enel’s industrial, environmental and employment policies and corporate social responsibility. These issues have long been the focus of Enel’s attention and the Company has committed to working with stakeholders to promote sustainability, i.e. the action and behaviour that allows economic, environmental and social responsibility to be maintained.

“Today’s meeting confirms the tradition of dialogue, transparency and exchange of ideas between Enel and labor representatives,” stated Fulvio Conti. “The agreements signed today mark an important step towards sharing principles and taking the resulting actions that make Enel an international model of Corporate Social Responsibility”.

Enel and trade union representatives agreed on the need to use the Observatory to monitor and overcome delays in authorization processes at the local level. The meeting also highlighted the need to form a roundtable with the government in order to work at a national level to overcome any bureaucratic obstacles and execute Enel’s planned investments in short order, beginning with renewable sources, due in part to the important effects that these investments may have for the qualified stimulation of employment during a difficult general situation such as the one we are now experiencing.

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