- The Board of Directors of the Spanish company appoints Fulvio Conti Vice President and Andrea Brentan CEO; Borja Prado Eulate confirmed as President.

Madrid, June 30th, 2009 – Enel announces that Endesa’s Shareholders’ Meeting, held today to approve the Financial Statements for the year ended December 31st, 2008, set the number of members of the new Board of Directors at nine.  The Board ratified the co-optations (of Fulvio Conti, Miguel Roca Junyent, Alejandro Echevarria Busquet and Luis de Guindos Jurado) previously undertaken by the Board itself.

Further to those resolutions by the Board, the current Board of Directors is composed of as follows:

  • Borja Prado Eulate, President;
  • Fulvio Conti (Enel CEO and General Manager), Director;
  • Andrea Brentan (Head of Iberia and Latin America at Enel), Director;
  • Luigi Ferraris (Head of Administration, Planing and Control at Enel), Director;
  • Claudio Machetti (Head of Group Risk Management at Enel), Director;
  • Fernando D’Ornellas Silva, Independent Director;
  • Miguel Roca Junyent, Independent Director;
  • Alejandro Echevarria Busquet, Independent Director;
  • Luis de Guindos Jurado, Independent Director.

Endesa’s General Shareholders’ Meeting gave KPMG Auditores S.L. the auditing mandate for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 for Endesa and its subsidiaries.

The Board of Directors convened immediately after the Shareholders’ Meeting and appointed Fulvio Conti Vice President and Andrea Brentan Chief Executive Officer.

The Board of Directors also defined the structure of its Executive Committee:

  • Borja Prado Eulate, Presidente;
  • Fulvio Conti;
  • Andrea Brentan;
  • Luis de Guindos Jurado;
  • Luigi Ferraris.


The Board of Directors also defined the structure of its internal advisory committees, as illustrated below:

  • The Nomination and Compensation Committee is made up of Fernando D’Ornellas Silva (Chairman), Luigi Ferraris, Claudio Machetti and Miguel Roca Junyent;
  • The Internal Control Committee is made up by Fernando D’Ornellas Silva (Chairman), Luigi Ferraris, Borja Prado Eulate and Miguel Roca Junyent.

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