Enel’s innovative Energia Tutto Compreso package allows customers to choose their own consumption “size”. Now available for gas consumers, it offers double the benefits: customers who sign up to Enel Energia’s Tutto Compreso packages before January 31st 2010 are entitled to one month’s free “size” on both power and gas supplies.
The new Gas Tutto Compreso package also offers a 50% “summer” discount (from June to September) on the price of the selected “size”

Rome, November 24th 2009 – The revolution is complete: “Energia Tutto Compreso” is now available in an additional “size” for power customers, and, significantly, is being rolled out to gas consumers too. “Gas Tutto Compreso” is a brand new package offering a fixed, invariable, all-inclusive price for one year, covering all items on the bill (with the exception of VAT and taxes).

Customers who switch to Enel Energia and move to the free market prior to January 31st 2010 also benefit from one month’s free consumption of their chosen “size” for one or both commodities.

Gianfilippo Mancini, Director of Enel’s Market Division, stated: “Gas Tutto Compreso completes the revolutionary range of products that Enel Energia offers its free market clients. Our power and gas offerings are unquestionably among the easiest to understand, the most straightforward to choose and, thanks to the “one month’s free size” offer for both power and gas, among the most appealing products on the market for residential customers who only want the best. By public demand, the new “Tutto Compreso” range now includes an “Extra Large” size, once again confirming Enel’s ability to listen and meet all of its customers’ needs and expectations. I am confident that Enel’s ongoing commitment to providing high-quality retail packages, our ability to innovate and simplify products on complex markets, and the significant range of benefits and services offered to our clients will prompt more and more households to join over four million residential customers already served by Enel Energia.”

The package is aimed primarily but not exclusively at customers on 3kW residential contracts, who account for nearly 80% of the domestic market. Enel Tutto Compreso comes in four usage tiers: Small, Medium, Large and the new “Extra Large” size.

The brand-new gas package also comes in four different consumption tiers (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large). Italy’s first flat-rated package for this commodity, Gas Tutto Compreso offers an all-inclusive price (excluding VAT and taxes). Prices of the gas offer differ from the power offer owing to local geographical characteristics in the area of supply, and is therefore divided into two different packages, namely: one offer for Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria, Marches, Abruzzi, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata, Lazio, Campania, Calabria and Sicily; and another offer for Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna.

Gas Energia Tutto Compreso also comes with a 50% “summer” discount on all tier pricing from June to September.

And that’s not all. Consumers who sign up to the power or gas offer before January 31st 2010 will receive a bonus corresponding to the monthly price of their chosen size according to their last bill (the offer is limited to new Enel Energia subscribers; the bonus will be awarded on the first anniversary of supply activation).

Customers who do not exceed their chosen consumption threshold will receive a bill for that exact amount (excluding VAT and taxes). Customers exceeding the threshold will be billed for the additional costs per kWh or cubic metre, inclusive of all charges but excluding VAT and taxes.

Choosing the right tier is simplicity itself. Customers can find the right “size” for their consumption pattern by consulting a simulator on the enelenergia.it website that helps to optimize their selection. If it turns out that another “size” is more appropriate, switching (which can be done once a year) is both straightforward and free of charge.

Enel Energia currently supplies power and/or gas to more than 4 million households and over 1.5 million businesses, for a total of 5.5 million customers.

As with all Enel Energia products, customers who sign up to Energia Tutto Compreso or Gas Tutto Compreso can join the Enelpremia program free of charge and accumulate, on average, 2,600 Punti Energia points, corresponding to a 26 euro discount which can be applied directly to their bill or redeemed for one of many rewards from our catalogue. More than 1.6 million customers have already signed up to the program. Thanks to Enel’s agreements with 30 major partner companies, households can save between 350 and 750 euros every year on purchases by using the Enelpremia card.

The EnelMia “customer delight” program has also been a major success. For an equivalent of just over one euro per month, over the last five months 35,000 customers have enjoyed a whole year of discounts on their daily purchases, ranging from a minimum 10% to a maximum 30% discount on medical bills and on an insurance policy that covers up to 600 euros of bills if the policyholder is affected by accident or illness.

Customers can subscribe to these new offers online at enelenergia.it, or by calling 800 900 860 toll free. Three thousand telephone operators are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm. Captive market customers will have to be switched to the free market first. Customers who prefer to make their purchases face-to-face can visit one of Enel Energia’s 2,000 representatives and 700 PuntoEnel and Enel.si stores, where they will find expert personnel who have all the info they need to make an informed choice. To find out the location of your nearest PuntoEnel or Enel.si store, please visit the enelenergia.it website.

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