Starting today, Wednesday December 16th through Sunday, December 20th, the tour will hit the Italian capital, in the centrally located Piazza del Popolo, to illustrate the many aspects of energy.
Games, entertainment, free show and energy bingo with comedian Patrizio Roversi.

Rome, December 16th 2009 - Games, events, conferences, debates, scientific experiments and interactive exhibits. All in a large, colorful structure that will arrive in Rome today, after having visited five Italian cities.
This is the "Incredible Enel" energy tour, an initiative designed to talk about energy to young people and families in an innovative and compelling way. The tour’s next stop will be Florence on January 14th 2010, then on to the final leg in Naples on January 28th. The “Incredibile Enel” will tour again, reaching other Italian towns, in Spring 2010.

The traveling exhibition is housed in an 800 m2 structure. The tour “pitches its tents” in each town for four days, from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening. From Friday to Saturday morning the tour welcomes school children with a specially-designed program, while the rest of the time the tour is open to the public, families and children.

Past the large entry arches, guests are greeted by guides accompanying them along various routes, combining entertainment with information.

In the Educational area, depending upon the age group, young children can take many different guided tours or take part in interactive games, such as building and commissioning a power plant or a renewable energy plant, learning about CO2, measuring household electricity consumption and learning how to save energy in a fun and creative way.

For the grown-ups, Enel has set aside a space where they can learn in more detail about the company, its business, research and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as its offerings for free market power and gas customers. The tour is specially focused on the environment—just think, the interior and exterior lighting come solely from low-power consumption LED and quartz LED that together consume less power than a normal household.

Outside the "Incredible Enel" tent, the public can take a closer look at the innovations made by Enel to make our cities and our homes more livable and green, including photovoltaic panels, Archilede LED street lamps, the new mini wind turbines generating between 1 and 200 kW and the recharging infrastructures for electric Smart cars. Thanks to the agreement signed last year with the Daimler group, starting November 24th and over in the next few months 100 smart power customers in Rome, Milan and Pisa will be chosen through the website to recharge their vehicles at 400 smart recharge sites set up by Enel.

Among the many curiosities that will surely thrill both young and adult visitors are the Desmosedici GP9 motorcycle ridden by and the helmet worn by Casey Stoner, Moto GP World Champion, directly from Ducati’s racing department in Borgo Panigale.

But the real surprise is found in the village center, a large arena set up like a Greek theater, with a large seating area where people can watch many entertaining shows and scientific demonstrations: experimental labs, theater, concerts.

The playbill for the Roman leg is particularly rich:
¿ On  December 17th at 5 p.m., Limes has organized the conference entitled "Il clima del G2 dopo Copenhagen" (The G2 climate after Copenhagen), with a panel featuring Andrea Ronchi, Minister of European Policies, Enrico Letta, Fulvio Conti, CEO and General Manager of Enel, and Lucio Caracciolo, Director of Limes.
¿ On  December 18th at 5 p.m., the "Media and the Energy Issue" conference will be held, featuring speeches by Gianluca Comin, Director of External Relations for Enel, Barbara Corrao from Il Messaggero, Luca Iezzi from La Repubblica and Roberto Seghetti from Panorama.
¿ There will also be two “Energy Bingo” sessions hosted by comedian Patrizio Roversi on Saturday December 19th at 6 p.m. and on Sunday December 20th at 4:30 p.m.. Plus, the Energy Story, a musical about energy, will be performed every morning for school children and every afternoon for all other visitors.

All performances are free. Limited tickets are available.

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