Sunday April 25th sees the debut of the advert for the new offers from Enel Energia, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, directed by Luke Scott.

Milan, April 22nd 2010 – Enel’s commitment to supporting Italian excellence in sport at world level continues with the choice of Federica Pellegrini to front Enel’s campaigns for the whole of 2010.

Federica Pellegrini will debut with the advert for Enel’s new offer “Energia Tutto Compreso Green” (all inclusive green energy) on air from Sunday April 25th.  Federica Pellegrini will be involved all year round in the Enel Group’s various activities, including institutional and social initiatives.

Olympic gold, twice world swimming champion, Federica Pellegrini is the ideal “face” of Enel for several reasons. Federica embodies dynamism, determination, results and vision – a true symbol of positive energy.  Federica is inextricably linked with water, one of the sources of clean energy which is featured, among others, in the new Energia Tutto Compreso Green offer.

In the 30-second spot, framed at the top of a waterfall, on an imaginary starting block, is the icon who symbolises the natural energy of water.  She is both powerful and natural. After a spectacular dive we find Federica back home in her bath tub, where she becomes once again a “normal” woman.

The TV campaign also features two 15-second spots, for the energy offers based on flat-rate consumption bands: Energia Tutto Compreso Green and Gas Tutto Compreso.  Every year, consumers who stay within their band, for electricity or gas, are rewarded with a bonus. To emphasise the reward concept, Federica is seen playing with some stylised cubes resembling the starting blocks of a swimming race, which then build into a podium which she climbs onto to receive her prize.

The TV campaign is preceded by a 10-second TV teaser and by a one-page press ad, introducing the link between Enel and the athlete for the first presentation of this new offer aimed at private households.

30-second radio spots are also planned as are press ads, due to be released from May 3rd. On the web, as well as display advertising, various high-impact formats are planned, such as on YouTube in the campaign launch phase, making it possible to see the uncut version of advert, exploiting the full potential of the medium.

Federica Pellegrini was born in Mirano on August 5th 1988. She lives and trains in Verona, and she is a member of the much respected Rome-based water sports association Circolo Canottieri Aniene.  Despite her youth, in such a short career Federica has already amassed 11 world records, currently holding both the 200m and 400m freestyle records. She is Italy’s youngest ever Olympic medal winner (Athens 2004, silver in the 200m freestyle) and four years later she became the Olympic champion with a world record (Beijing 2008, gold in the 200m freestyle).

Last year Federica Pellegrini brought Italy yet more glory at the 2009 Rome world championships, winning two gold medals (200m and 400m freestyle) also with world records. Her next international diary date is at the European championships in August in Budapest.


Creative Agency:  Saatchi & Saatchi;
Director: Luke Scott;
Director of photography: Renato Alfarano;
Art directors: Agostino Toscana and Alessandro Orlandi;
Production company: H Film.

TV ads: Art director: Maurizio Minerva; Copywriter: Eliana Frosali.

Music: Title Swim; Written by Andrew Ross McMahon; performed by: Jack’s Mannequin; Warner Music Publishing.

Press campaign:
Art director: Maurizio Minerva; Copywriter: Eliana Frosali; Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli.

Web campaign
Art directors: Sara Simoncini, Alessio Bianconi; Copywriter: Valerio Rufo.


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