The turnkey photovoltaic package for domestic customers has arrived and it’s the first to become available, all over Italy at the same price, including disposal of the panels at the end of their lifecycle.
The package, with a generating capacity of 2.76 kW of power, has been designed to meet the average consumption needs of an Italian household, and it is primarily aimed at the 9 million private homes in the country.
Rome, June 30th 2011 – The first turnkey, family-sized photovoltaic package has arrived. Called “Raggio senza Pensieri” (Carefree sun power), it is the latest product from Enel Green Power, the Enel Group company entirely dedicated to renewable energy sources and quoted on the Milan and Madrid exchanges since last November.

Why “carefree”? Because it’s a turnkey package, on sale for the very first time at the same price all over Italy. This all-inclusive service consists of installation by fully qualified technicians, a local monitoring system that gives customers all the production figures for their own unit plus disposal of the solar panels at the end of their lifecycle, a special feature of the package made possible by an agreement signed with PV CYCLE, the international benchmark association for recycling photovoltaic panels.

The package, which has a generating capacity of 2.76 kW of power, has been designed to meet the average consumption needs of an Italian household, and it is primarily aimed at the estimated 9 million private homes in the country. The market launch of “Raggio senza Pensieri” is Enel Green Power’s first response to the 4th Feed-in Tariffs initiative that offers ever greater rewards for domestic systems under 3kW, installed on pitched roofs.

The package, on sale at the Punto Enel Green Power franchise network, belonging to its subsidiary, has capacity to generate about 3,500 kWh per year, compared with the average annual consumption of Italian households amounting to some 2,700 kWh, thus cutting approximately 1.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Estimating the average useful life of the unit as 25 years, the CO2 saving rises to a little under 50 tonnes.

What’s more, the partnership clinched between Enel and one of Italy’s leading banks means that potential customers can raise the finance for “Raggio senza Pensieri” benefitting from easy terms and a quick turnaround time for the paperwork.

The network of Punto Enel Green Power franchises consists of specially selected firms that are specialists in this sector, with many years of experience behind them installing numerous photovoltaic systems of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest scale, making this the first network of photovoltaic installers operating at national level.

On the website, as well as locating the nearest Punto Enel Green Power, it is possible to request a personalised estimate or build a simulation of your own photovoltaic or concentrated solar thermal system or mini-wind farm. The numero verde (free phone number) 800.90.15.15 operates from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday.

Enel Green Power and the Punto Enel Green Power franchise network

Enel Green Power is the world leader in the production of energy from renewable sources, with over 22 TWh generated every year, equivalent to the consumption of 8 million households and a saving of 16 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

Enel Green Power provides its services via the network of PUNTO ENEL GREEN POWER franchises, belonging to its subsidiary, consisting of over 500 specially selected firms, specialists in the renewables sector that are capable of providing their customers with all the support they need to create their own systems using renewable energy sources, particularly photovoltaic systems. The service includes a feasibility study, submission of the application to GSE (the energy services regulator) and design and installation of the system.

With branches all over Italy, Punto ENEL GREEN POWER franchises have installed over 290 MW of photovoltaic systems for industrial, third sector and domestic customers. Countrywide, these systems generate over 350 million kilowatt/hours of electricity every year from solar energy sources, equal to the consumption of over 115,000 households.

The PUNTO ENEL GREEN POWER franchise network is also venturing overseas, starting with the South of France, an area of major strategic interest, given its favourable climatic conditions, and has plans to expand into other countries.

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