The architectural lighting system has been created by Enel Sole, in partnership with Acea Distribuzione.
The ceremony will be held this evening on the occasion of the institution’s 180th anniversary

Rome, 23rd June 2011 – The Council of State is celebrating its 180th anniversary and the 150 years of Italian Unification with a new lighting system. The switching-on ceremony at the historic Palazzo Spada, home to Italy’s highest legal-administrative consultative body will take place tonight. The lighting system has been created by Enel Sole, the Enel Group company concerned with public and architectural lighting, working in partnership with Acea Distribuzione, part of the Acea Group.

The switching-on ceremony will be held tonight in Piazza Capo di Ferro in the presence of the President of the Council of State, Pasquale De Lise, and the top executives of Enel and Acea, together with a large number of representatives from Italian institutions, following a concert given by the Banda dell’Arma dei Carabinieri.

The system has been designed to show off the full splendour of the 16th Century Palazzo Spada, lighting up the main façade, the internal courtyard and the rear façades. In order to bring out the beauty of the decorative art and priceless sculptures adorning the grounds of the building, the lighting system has been designed to project light in such a way that it brings out the uniqueness of these works during the hours of darkness, whilst keeping the lighting as unobtrusive as possible. For the main façade, the system uses equipment that is able to direct the beams of light cleanly and accurately, without lighting too harshly. The aim was to create a sort of “pool of light” to show off the building’s elegant lines and the quality of its architectural structure.

The major contribution made by Acea is particularly evident in the lighting for Piazza Capo di Ferro, facing the main façade. Acea Illuminazione has restored and adapted the existing street lighting, using light sources that are able to harmonise colours and physical objects in a far better way than is possible with traditional sodium lamps. The result guarantees a better harmony of colour between the surfaces of the façade and its surrounding townscape.

Similar work has been carried out to improve the lighting in the colonnaded courtyard, in the underpass with the barrel vault and on the rear façades. An innovative remote control system has also been installed, making it possible to operate the lighting system at a distance using a touch-screen.

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