In July 2011, Opel and Enel signed a partnership agreement to develop a combined business proposal dedicated to electric car customers;
A package including power supply and a domestic recharging infrastructure to guarantee simple, safe, zero-emission recharging;
Customers will be able to recharge their own Opel Ampera via a dedicated supply, independent from domestic utilities, by means of a contract specifically designed by Enel Energia for electric mobility.

Rome, November 10th, 2011 – To coincide with the Tenth H2Roma Energy & Mobility show 2011 - Opel and Enel are announcing their plans to sign a partnership agreement to provide future owners of the Ampera with a simple, safe and environmentally-friendly recharging solution.

The basic principle of the agreement is to make sure that anyone who buys the new Opel Ampera will be able to choose the “Enel Drive” recharging package using green energy and complying with the strictest safety requirements.

As well as the supply of energy produced entirely from renewable sources, the agreement includes ad hoc services, such as technical checks to assess the technical feasibility of the work needed to install a private recharging point at the vehicle owner’s home and setting up a dedicated supply.

Opel’s goal is to make Enel solutions an integral part of the services offered with the Opel Ampera, as its launch of the market is approaching, and to make the Ampera’s recharging simple, accessible and economical. 

The offer of “green” energy generated from renewable sources, will make sure that driving an electric car really does have zero impact.

“We are delighted to be embarking on this relationship with Enel, another partnership following in the footsteps of the one we have signed with Endesa in Spain. Our aim is to make recharging even easier for Ampera customers and make it truly sustainable from an environmental perspective” announced Roberto Matteucci, CEO of General Motors Italia. “The agreement will help support the very essence of the Ampera, an extended-range electric car that does not compromise on range, performance, design, space and, of course, the convenience of recharging”.

“Our partnership with Opel Italia represents a valuable opportunity for Enel” stated Gianfilippo Mancini, Director of Enel’s Market Division. “Extended-range electric power is an extremely appealing technological solution that is capable of significantly boosting the development potential of the electric car in the immediate future. Enel Energia is fully committed, as is General Motors Italia, to the development of recharging solutions that can meet all the mobility demands of Ampera customers, thanks to its consolidated leadership in the free energy market as well as in the growing electric mobility market”.

Ampera, the extended range electric car that has already secured 7,000 pre-orders across Europe, will be launched at the beginning of 2012, including in Italy. Thanks to its extended range system, the Ampera has a range of up to 80km using zero-emission electric power, but this can be extended to more than 500km thanks to its motor-generator. On top of this, thanks to its Normal, Mountain, Hold Charge and Sport functions, the Ampera can be used to the best of its potential in all conditions. Specifically, thanks to the hold charge function, the motor-generator can be started even if batteries were fully charged. The battery charge can therefore be preserved by relying on batteries in restricted traffic zones only and generally in towns and residential areas where drivers are more likely to pursue zero emission mobility. For example, if someone was travelling between Rome and Bologna, they could set off from Rome using zero-emission electric power, then activate the hold charge function as soon as they were out of the city and drive on the motorway with extended range, therefore preserving battery charge. Once in Bologna, they could switch off the hold charge function and go back to using pure electricity therefore not producing any emission in the city.

Nevertheless, Ampera’s benefits are not limited to emission reduction. In urban areas, emissions can be zeroed. Thanks to Ampera, drivers will no longer need an electric car for use in the city and a traditionally-powered car for out-of-town travel, which would increase the number of vehicles in circulation. Ampera is the perfect car for every situation and every type of journey, from urban to cross-country travel.

In accordance with this principle, Ampera has been designed not to have to compromise. With all of its features and functions it is formidable competition for any car, including traditionally-powered vehicles. Its performance is equivalent to a very good turbo diesel 160 cv engine, with 0 to 100km/h (62mph) acceleration in just 9 seconds and a maximum speed of 161km/h (100mph). The range of up to 80km on pure electric power and over 500km in extended range eliminates the traditional limitations of purely electric vehicles. Its design, internal space with 4 comfortable seats and a generous boot, combined with excellent performance make the Ampera an extremely environmentally-friendly and at the same time compromise-free electric car.

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