Enel has won two contracts for creating a smart grid and installing a highly innovative public lighting system for the next Universal Exposition, becoming an industrial partner of Milan Expo 2015.
The Expo will house the control centre for a smart city with seven master booths and 14 remote-controlled secondary booths, as well as the electric recharge infrastructure for visiting the exhibition in zero-emissions vehicles.

Rome, April 11th, 2012 – Enel will be present at Expo 2015 and will install some of the latest state-of-the-art technologies in order to create a smart grid and a highly innovative LED public lighting system.

Enel Distribuzione – a world leader in the sector thanks to the installation of 32 million smart meters - has won the contract for bringing smart grids to the heart of Expo 2015.
Making a grid “smart” means making it capable of receiving the energy generated by countless micro-plants powered by renewable sources which, given their intermittent and somewhat unpredictable nature, need to be managed to maintain the balance between power supply and demand. Smart grids are also capable of informing their users on what kind, how much and how they are consuming, in order to help them choose the most convenient solutions, favouring the development of electric mobility and high-efficiency public lighting systems. All this requires the latest technologies, including innovative grid management and monitoring systems, in addition to high-tech energy storage systems.

Visitors to Expo 2015 will be able to see for themselves how energy delivered and controlled via the electricity grid by an integrated computerised system, has now been transformed from a mere commodity into a value added service. They will be able to experience, in real time, how all the Expo’s energy sources are integrated and how the generation mix works in synergy to power the exhibition as well as monitor consumption.

It will also be possible to see the control centre for a smart city in action with expert technicians interacting with the equipment. The outside of the control centre will feature state-of-the-art architecture that communicates through monitors displaying data and information. Inside the control centre all the latest generation interactive control technologies will be on display.

In the showroom set up by Enel, which will be linked to three control stations installed in different parts of the Expo area and one e-mobility control station constituting the “brain” of the system, visitors will learn how energy flows move around the Expo 2015 smart grid. This journey starts with energy generated from renewable sources that then enters the grid management system for distribution to public lighting and energy storage systems, as well as electric vehicle recharge points.

The grid’s “nervous system” will consist of seven master booths and 14 secondary booths, with the same architectural style as the control centre, representing the grid architecture. LED monitors will enable these booths to “speak” to the public, providing information about the various roles and functions of parts of the system along with other data.

Electric mobility, one the pivotal features of smart grids, is a must for Expo 2015 and Enel will install dozens of e-vehicle recharge points, all perfectly integrated with the smart grid, at the service of both exhibitors and visitors.

Enel will also make a contribution to lighting the exhibition area with a huge network of public lighting based on LED technology, to ensure that Expo 2015 is ecologically sustainable with low environmental impact.
Enel will not be doing all this alone but will benefit from the support of a number of partners, in particular Siemens, Enel’s strategic partner for the smart grid technology for Expo Milano 2015.
“Our partnership with Expo 2015 is a source of great pride for Enel, reaffirming the role played by our company in the process of growth and development of our nation,” stated the Enel Group Chairman, Paolo Andrea Colombo. “a role that Enel has played throughout its long history and with which we are marking our fiftieth birthday celebration later this year and also on which we look back with pride at our past achievements, spurring us on to think even more deeply about our energy future and inspiring us to take a long-term view and provide effective responses to the challenges of competitiveness, environmental sustainability and technological development. The Universal Exposition is the perfect place for our vision for the future to become a reality. This is why Enel wants to make the most of this partnership with Expo 2015, because it gives us the opportunity to tell all the millions of visitors to the exhibition all about the new “electric era” which, thanks to our newest technologies, is our contribution to the planet and all its inhabitants”.

“We are delighted” declared Giuseppe Sala, Managing Director of Expo 2015 SpA, ”to have  Enel as our Smart Energy Partner for Expo Milano 2015. Having the support and collaboration of Italy’s largest electricity company makes us very proud.  Enel’s presence means that we now have four of the world’s leading companies as our partners. This means that our plan to create a smart city which is both high-tech and eco-friendly is not only up and running but is seen by the business world as a great opportunity. Thanks to the smart grid and public lighting system to be installed by Enel,” continued Giuseppe Sala, ”the Milan Universal Exposition will prove to be the ideal place for trialling new low-environmental-impact lighting systems. This is perfectly in line with one of the challenges launched by the Milan Expo 2015 theme. ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ is not merely an invitation to arrive at a more equal distribution of food resources in the world, rather it provides an incentive to promote more sustainable food, environmental and urban planning development models, with the goal of ensuring a better quality of life and greater wellbeing for all”.

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