Tokyo, April 25th, 2012 - Enel Distribuzione presents its technological excellence in Tokyo and is exploring the opportunities  to enter into the Japanese Smart Grid market.

In a workshop held at the Embassy of Italy in Tokyo, Enel Distribuzione presented its technological expertise in the field of smart grids to representatives from ten Japanese power utilities, Government Institutions in charge of supervising and regulating the energy market, as well as to academics and the press.

The presentation also included areas of cooperation with Japanese electronics giant NEC, to jointly develop synergies and global solutions for smart grids.

“The Italian industry has developed solid technological and managerial experience in the area of smart grids, of which smart meters are the most visible component. Specifically, Enel, thanks to the know-how it has developed over the past ten years, is a world leader in this field”, Vincenzo Petrone, Ambassador of Italy in Japan, stated during his presentation.

According to Claudio Zito, Head of Enel Distribuzione International Business Development, "The automated measuring infrastructure installed by Enel in Italy and elsewhere in the world employs a proven communication technology (so-called PLC - Power Line Communication) with high performance, reduced investments and risks, as well as quick deployment. It is a fundamental pillar for the future of Smart Grids”.

Enel’s experience in the efficient management of energy distribution networks and in the development of smart grids, specifically through the Automated Meter Management System (the management system supporting smart meters), was showcased to Japanese utilities, which have recently begun,  under the input of Government authorities, a thorough reflection on the re-organization of the sector in terms of improved efficiency and control.  Enel has developed state-of-the-art technologies in this field, potentially of great use to Japan.

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