Memorandum of understanding signed between Enel, the Region of Umbria and thirteen municipalities to install innovative charging infrastructure, thereby enhancing the environmental performance of the religious and general tourist circuits of the area, which receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each year

Rome/Perugia, September 9th, 2013 – This morning at Palazzo Donini, the capital building of the Region of Umbria, the President of the Region of Umbria, Catiuscia Marini, the CEO and General Manager of Enel, Fulvio Conti, along with the mayors of thirteen Umbrian municipalities – cities of great artistic, historical and religious tradition - signed an important memorandum of understanding on e-mobility.

The goal of the agreement is to implement measures to promote and encourage the use of environmentally friendly vehicles through the creation of an innovative, safe and easy-to-use network of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The memorandum of understanding commits Enel to offering the entities involved its expertise in developing innovative technological solutions for the efficient use of energy within a system of smart infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, helping the municipalities identify the best locations for the infrastructure.
The towns will support the project with significant incentives, such as access to restricted traffic areas, car sharing, car rental and electric shuttles for tourists, “zero-emissions” merchandise delivery in historical zones and free parking spaces for electric vehicles.
For its part, the Region will coordinate the project, linking the various municipalities involved, thanks to Enel Distribuzione's charging network, thereby enhancing the environmental performance of the religious and general tourism circuits, which receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.
The Region, Enel and the municipalities will work together to raise the national and international funding to develop e-mobility in the territory.

Specifically, the project envisages the creation of a network of 69 charging stations, two of which will be fast recharging stations, in addition to those already installed in Perugia by Enel (25 public station sites in 14 locations throughout the city).
In addition to Perugia, the e-mobility project will also involve the Umbrian towns of Assisi, Spoleto, Gubbio, Città di Castello, Terni, Narni, Foligno, Todi, Orvieto, Norcia, Cascia and Castiglione del Lago, where charging stations for electric boats are also being tested.

With an average distance of 40 km between municipalities, a distance perfectly compatible with the range of electric vehicles on the road today, the network of charging infrastructure will be capable of supporting all travel between municipalities, making traveling the cultural and tourist routes along the regional road network a “green” experience.

“Today's agreement represents a further step towards the creation of a zero environmental impact mobility network, one of the pillars of the city of the future. Thanks to the collaboration with the Region and the municipalities involved, here in Umbria the future has been integrated with a significant historical past, whose artistic and cultural beauty, appreciated all over the world, can now be admired in a more eco-friendly way. This is an important project, which once again underscores the commitment of the Enel Group to research and innovation to protect the environment and Italy’s historical and monumental treasures,” stated Fulvio Conti, CEO and General Manager of Enel.

“This ‘green’ and innovative project has already been launched in the past monts, to demonstrate Umbria’s strong commitment to innovation as well as, in particular, to concretely work towards environmental sustainability and energy savings.” - commented Catiuscia Marini, President of the Umbria Region. “This is encompassed within a regional strategy that has always been targeting the highest level of energy savings. Over more, we are particularly focused on taking action towards environmental management of urban mobility in order to save energy as well as reducing pollution from exhaust fumes. This project is totally in line with our region’s eco-friendly attitude. Environmental preservation and sustainability are encompassed within our region’s identity.”

The technological innovation of Enel Distribuzione’s charging system is based on public and residential charging infrastructure fitted with internal electronic meters, and a remote management system, making it possible to offer advanced services to eco-motorists and giving them the ability to recharge their vehicles in a simple, convenient and secure manner.
Enel based the design and construction of the charging infrastructure on the technology of its power network: over 36 million electronic meters installed in homes in Italy and abroad. The meters, which remotely read and managed by Enel, are a system unlike any other in the world, allowing it to remotely perform a range of operations previously only capable of being completed by an on-site technician.

Owners of electric vehicles can park for free in metered parking spaces, registering the electric car with the parking lot operator.

The site www.eneldrive.it provides the exact locations of the charging stations in the cities and in Italy. A special app has been created for iPhones and Androids providing the user with locations of and the distances to nearby charging stations.


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