Agreement signed today for analysing the economic, social and environmental impact of efficiency enhancement and renewable energy measures along specific production chains

Rome, January 17th, 2014 – Fondazione Centro Studi Enel and Svimez, the association for the industrial development of Southern Italy, signed an agreement today for carrying out and promoting projects that encourage the development of renewable energy and the adoption of energy efficiency practices. Under the two-year agreement, signed by Gianluca Comin, Member of the Executive Board of Fondazione Centro Studi Enel, and Adriano Giannola, Chairman of Svimez, each party is committed to making a loan of 100 thousand euros towards the programme. Such loan will be made available through equal contributions. The programme may receive outside funding as well.
The agreement’s aim is to pursue the “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the future of Southern Italy” Project by mapping the financial, energy and environmental impacts of energy saving measures and of the use of green power generation technologies. In pursuing this project, Fondazione Enel and Svimez seek to provide regional, national and EU policymakers with a useful tool in carrying out programmes for developing Southern Italy. By signing the agreement, the two associations are emphasising the role that energy efficiency and renewable energy play as among the most important drivers in spurring the development of Southern Italy and of the entire country.
The “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the future of Southern Italy” Project will be conducted in two stages, each lasting one year. The first involves mapping the potential of primary energy sources and theoretical savings based upon the technologies available–both mature technologies and those that could be encouraged through incentives—followed by identifying geographical, regulatory, institutional/cultural and infrastructure barriers to the development of efficiency enhancement measures and the use of renewable energy resources. This will be followed by an analysis of the regional economic structure and the environmental impact of the production chains involved. The first stage will conclude with the development of a matrix classifying opportunities for intervention based upon the potential of energy resources and technologies in the various geographical areas and for various production chains.
The second stage of the analysis involves more detailed study, from an economic and energy use viewpoint, of the potential of certain chosen technologies for generating electricity from renewable resources and the application of energy efficiency enhancement tools within specific production chains. This analysis will be based upon SVIMEZ’s 2012 proposal for territorial logistics chains with regard to the potential of Southern Italy as a logistical link between Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

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