With Eidos Market, Enel’s 71 thousand employees can propose and select innovative projects to be pursued by the company

Rome, February 20th, 2014 - Enel is launching Eidos Market, a system for crowdsourcing innovation open to the more than 71 thousand employees in the 40 countries in which Enel operates. The project represents a bottom-up approach that will enable all Enel employees to participate in the company’s innovation process, proposing and selecting ideas and project proposals. The Eidos Market initiative was discussed at the conference “Open Innovation in Large Companies: Unlocking the power of workforce passion”, organised by Enel and its Foundation (“Fondazione Centro Studi Enel”), with the aim of assessing the impact that the open innovation paradigm is having on business processes, management, corporate culture and values.

Fulvio Conti, CEO and General Manager of Enel and President of Enel Foundation, opened the event emphasizing the Group's commitment to "work to create and promote a culture of innovation, driving us towards the future. Tools such as Eidos Market help bring out the creative potential of all our colleagues. The initiative, imagination and expertise of our employees are an extraordinary source which the innovation process must necessarily tap into.”

Participants in the event included Luigi Nicolais, President of Italy’s National Research Council, Erez Tsalik, Director for the Asia/Pacific area of SIT Systematic Inventive Thinking, Simone Mori, Director of Regulatory, Environment and Innovation at Enel, Patrick Deconinck, Senior Vice President of 3M West Europe, Salvatore Majorana, Director of Technology Transfer at the Italian Institute of Technology, Karim El Malki, CEO of Athonet, Luc De Brabandere, Senior Advisor of the Boston Consulting Group, Andrea Bonaccorsi, Full Professor at the University of Pisa, and Alberto de Minin, Researcher at the Institute of Management of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa.

The Eidos Market project stems from a model already explored by Enel, first with a pilot project in Chile in 2012 and then within the entire Iberia and Latin America Division. This experience was the genesis of the system now being extended to the entire Group.

Accessing the Eidos Market platform through Enel’s corporate intranet, employees can submit innovative proposals to address the challenges posed by management. Anyone can then comment on them, enrich them with their own contributions and offer an assessment. The evaluation mechanism is inspired by the stock market, with Enel employees as the investors and the ideas as the stocks. This approach highlights the most promising ideas, which will be brought to the attention of management, who will then decide which to pursue.

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