·        The 100% electric car sharing service will be reserved for the students and staff of the University


Rome, September 16th, 2016 – Thirty electric vehicles and 30 charging stations to “fill up” with electricity: Enel Energia and Roma Tre University today presented "e-go Car Sharing", a 100% electric service for students and the academic and administrative staff of the University. The charging stations are installed at four parking lots at the University (Chancellor’s Office, Humanities, Economics and Engineering). Renault electric vehicles will be used to provide the service (10 ZOE and 20 Twizy).

The project will have a trial phase in which 100 selected users from the University will test the service and become spokespeople and offer testimonials for the initiative within the University. Beginning on October 16th, the electric car sharing service will be open to all students and the entire teaching and administrative staff, both for university trips and for private use, including on weekends. The electric vehicles will also be able to use the charging stations of the network outside the University. The service will be free until December 31st, 2016. From January 1st, 2017 a range of tariff options will be available (rental by the minute, a daily rate, etc.).

The project also envisages the creation of a student think tank dedicated to the study of electric mobility, which will also conduct scientific analysis of service use data. The members will be featured in a promotional campaign for the service within the University and will contribute to the creation of an ecosystem for developing innovative ideas for mobility. Students will also undertake a virtuous path of education on issues related to sustainable mobility and the sharing economy, with the opportunity to participate in dedicated talks with Enel managers or leading personalities from business, academia and institutions. The members of the think tank will also be given the opportunity to participate in innovative research projects.

The Facebook page dedicated to "e-go Car Sharing" will provide constantly updated information about the project, enable active interaction with the managers and will be a forum for feedback and suggesting improvements.

“Even a project like this, which combines the right to education with eco-sustainable mobility, fulfils the “third mission” of universities, which aims to create a virtuous connection with the environment and society”, said the Chancellor of Roma Tre University, Mario Panizza. “I hope our students will appreciate the initiative and that it can be implemented swiftly to reach as many users as possible.”

“We are proud to present this service today together with Roma Tre University, certain that the university environment will be a fertile ground for the development and promotion of zero-emissions mobility,” saidNicola Lanzetta, Enel’s Head of Market Italy. “We believe that the think tank can add major value, since students will not simply be users, but also the protagonists of this service. We expect that they will support us through their studies to make the service even more suited to their needs.”

“The partnership with Enel is an opportunity to make advanced services available to the University community, in complete harmony with the environment,” said Stefano Carrese, the Chancellor’s delegate for Sustainable Mobility of Roma Tre University. “This project is a major step forward in the encouraging closer integration between the University and the company on the issue of sustainable student mobility. ‘E-go Car Sharing’, which we believe to be a high point in the collaboration between university research and industrial technology, representing a first both for Roma Tre and for our partner”.


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