The agreement provides for the establishment of joint working groups between Enel, AISCAT and individual concessionaires to define approaches for the development of electric mobility on the motorway network, the most appropriate technologies and the most effective locations for stations, as well as to develop new services for customers

The programme, which leverages the EVA+ project, provides for the installation of fast-charging stations along the Italian toll motorway network. The first installations will begin in 2017

Service areas will be identified from a list of service stations in motorway corridors defined by the European Union and agreed with AISCAT

The trial, of which Enel is the coordinator and AISCAT the main strategic stakeholder, will lend support to the growth of the market for electric vehicles with a view to the sustainable development of the transport sector

Rome, November 21st, 2016 – Enel and AISCAT, Italy’s association of toll motorway and tunnel concessionaires, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch a joint working group on electric mobility on the Italian toll motorway network. The agreement, signed by Livio Gallo, Enel’s Head of Global Infrastructure and Networks, and by Massimo Schintu, Director General of AISCAT, provides for the establishment of a strategic, technological and logistical testing programme for a network of electric fast-charging stations in service areas. The trial will last about three years and will include both a study and analysis phase and a pilot implementation phase in the field.

With a view to supporting the sustainable development of the transport sector, Enel and AISCAT intend to use the initiative to lend full support to the electric vehicle market, which holds great potential for reducing air pollution. As it is essentially a closed system that can be monitored constantly, the motorway network is the ideal setting for testing an in-the-field programme of long-distance electric mobility, helping to move beyond the conception of the electric vehicle being exclusively for use in urban areas.

The service areas where the charging infrastructure is to be installed will be selected by the motorway concession holder in collaboration with Enel and AISCAT, initially beginning with a list of stations approved by the European Union as part of the EVA+ (Electric Vehicle Arteries) project. The first installations will begin in 2017.

In addition, and with the help of Enel’s experience, AISCAT will explore the possibility of developing an extensive use of renewable energy on the motorway network, in particular in service areas.

At present, most alternating-current charging stations in Italy are located in urban areas. Direct current fast-charging points – similar to those used in the Enel AISCAT project – are currently very few and isolated. In order to seize the opportunity to significantly expand this network, the Enel Group participated in the European call “Connecting Europe Facility, Transport Multi-Annual Call”, in which the utility was awarded funding with the proposal for the EVA+ pilot project, which envisages 180 fast-charging stations using Enel technology in Italy and 20 stations in Austria.

The charging stations will be the Fast Recharge Plus type, a technology entirely developed by Enel, which enables the simultaneous recharging of two vehicles in 20-30 minutes using current technological standards. It is compatible with all electric cars currently on the market and reduces charging times, significantly expanding the potential use of electric vehicles.


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