Hyundai chooses the charging solutions offered by Enel X

  • Customers who purchase Hyundai electric cars will be able to rely on the Enel X, all-inclusive and personalised solutions for residential and public charging
  • The Hyundai electric vehicles, with the new IONIQ Electric and Kona Electric models, overcome range anxiety with top-of-the-class ranges and efficiency


Rome, October 24th, 2019 – Enel X and Hyundai make electric mobility even more advantageous by offering integrated solutions for residential and public charging to buyers of Hyundai electric vehicles (EVs) Kona Electric and IONIQ Electric. Hyundai confirms its status as an avant-garde brand in zero and low-emission mobility, by offering all the main alternative powertrains – including electric, plug-in hybrid and full hybrid – with innovative and practical solutions, capable of improving everyday life.

Customers who choose the electric versions of Kona and IONIQ will be able to benefit from the installation of the Enel X “JuiceBox” home charging infrastructure, which is the quickest, smartest and most practical way of filling up at home. The offer also comprises the possibility of charging the EV at the Enel X public charging points in Italy and the rest of Europe, also in fast mode.

“We are pleased to have established an alliance that will simplify the shift to electric vehicles and that represents another step forward in the transition towards fully sustainable mobility,” commented Alessio Torelli, Head of Enel X Italia. “Our innovative solutions will enable drivers who choose Hyundai electric vehicles to fill up conveniently at home and to have access to the most widespread network of standard and fast charging points in Italy and Europe.”

“We are proud to be able to offer our customers this new service, designed together with a partner of excellence like Enel X: a solution that follows the customer from the time of purchase to personalised consulting and home installation, as well as to away-from-home charging,” said Andrea Crespi, General manager of Hyundai Italia. “Through initiatives of this kind, together with an efficient and technologically advanced range of EVs, we make electric mobility an increasingly realisable and practical prospect, free of worries such as charging and warranties. A true flagship achievement for Hyundai in Italy.”

The JuiceBox is available in two versions with different capacities (3.7 kW and 7.4 kW) and enables the charging status to be monitored via LEDs or remotely using the Enel X JuicePass App. In addition to the economic convenience, the collaboration between the two companies offers customers several advantages in all phases of their choice of an EV: from the purchase of the car at the dealership to the installation of the charging point at home by Enel X. 

Hyundai, with the aim to assist and guide customers in the transition towards sustainable mobility and Enel X’s help, offers a comprehensive solution including a number of services: a visit from a specialised technician to inspect the customer’s home to check the adequacy of the electrical system and determine any works required (not included in the offer), the installation of the JuiceBox and the connection to the electricity meter. The package also includes free technical support from a dedicated Contact Center, connection to the EMM (Electric-Mobility Management) remote control system and a 5-year extended warranty of the JuiceBox, similar to that offered by Hyundai on its entire EV range.

Customers will be able to choose between several packages: starting from the “Juice Pack Home” package, which includes the supply of the JuiceBox, the Home Check service and installation service, to the “Juice Pack Full” and “Juice Pack Full Plus” packages, which also provide access to the entire network of public charging points present in the Enel X Juice Pass App.

The latter two solutions include a package of kWh to be used over a 24-month period (providing it is not used up beforehand): 780 kWh with Juice Pack Full and 1,620 kWh with Juice Pack Full Plus, equivalent to a range of about 5,000 and over 10,000 km, respectively. Also included are two years of unlimited service for booking charging infrastructure and the card for filling up at the charging stations (as an alternative to the App).

Enel X is Enel’s global business line dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors in which energy has the greatest potential for transformation: cities, houses, industry and electric mobility. The company is the world leader in the demand management sector with a capacity of over 6 GW worldwide, managed and assigned in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.


Set up in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company is a company of the Hyundai Motor Group. With its 110,000 employees, Hyundai is present all over the world with eight production plants and seven R&D Centres: the plant situated at Ulsan in South Korea is the largest car factory in the world (it has a surface area of 5 million m2 and produces 5,600 cars a day). In Europe, Hyundai has two factories in the Czech Republic and Turkey (total production capacity: 600,000 cars/year), 2,100 showrooms and creates 155,000 jobs (including direct employment and allied industries). According to the Interbrand “2018 Best Global Brands”, Hyundai is the sixth brand in the car sector, despite being the youngest, and 36th largest of all brands in the world (its value exceeds 13.5 billion U.S. dollars, +3% compared to 2017). Hyundai is the only manufacturer that offers a complete Green range, with all four of the main types of sustainable fuel: Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in hybrid and Hydrogen. Since 2014 Hyundai Motorsport (inaugurated in 2013 at Aizenau in Germany) has taken part in the World Rally Championship (WRC) with the WRC i20 Coupé developed in-house and, in 2018, came second in the Manufacturers’ championship, while, in 2018, the Italian racing-car driver Gabriele Tarquini won the WTCR (World Touring Cup Car) championship in the Hyundai i30 N TCR of the BRC Racing Team. In the world of sport, Hyundai is also an Official Partner of FIFA (from 1999 to 2022) and, in the top division (Serie A) of the Italian football league, is an Official Partner of AS Roma. In Italy, with its network of 115 dealers, Hyundai accounts for about 3% of the market with about 53,000 vehicles sold (data source: UNRAE 2018). Over 90% of the Hyundai vehicles sold in Italy are designed, developed and manufactured in Europe. All the Hyundai vehicles sold in Italy come with the Hyundai “5-year, unlimited Km” warranty.

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