Enel X defines the requirements for municipalities who access the electric mobility plan with priority

  • Viterbo is the "Virtuous Municipality”, which was first to hit the target: the 34 charging points provided for in the agreement were installed in record time


Rome, June 11th, 2021 - More and more municipalities are choosing to sign up for sustainable mobility with Enel X, the Enel Group's global business line, which offers innovative solutions to support energy transition.

The requirements for a municipality to be included with priority status in Enel X's infrastructure plan are: The predisposition of an organic urban Mobility Plan, which foresees the installation of electric vehicle charging points at institutional and strategic sites; speed and administrative skills in the management of procedures; the involvement of key local authorities (Universities, Courts, museums and other areas of interest) by adopting incentive policies (e.g. parking concessions) for those using zero-emission vehicles. Also among the requirements is the municipality’s compliance with accessibility to infrastructures as well as the electrification process of municipal government vehicle fleets.

The first city to earn the status of "Virtuous Municipality" is Viterbo, where the target of installing 34 recharging points indicated in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Municipality and Enel X has been achieved in record time. Thanks to its collaboration with the main local institutions, Viterbo now has a total of 42 Enel X charging points for public use. All this was possible thanks to the contribution of the city’s Mayor Giovanni Arena, the Councilor for Public Works Laura Allegrini, as well as the President of the Court Maria Rosaria Covelli, the Rector Professor Stefano Ubertini and the Rector's Delegate for the Right to Education and Student Services Professor Andrea Genovese. All acted to allow the installation of recharging points in the car parks of administrative offices, the offices of the Court of Viterbo, and the University of Tuscia – UNITUS.

Federico Caleno, e-Mobility Manager of Enel X Italia, said: “The installation of the charging infrastructures in the Municipality of Viterbo is part of the National Plan for electric mobility, which sees Enel X committed to the installation of over 14,000 charging points by 2021. The plan, which foresees widespread coverage in all Italian regions through the creation of charging infrastructures at 22kW (quick), 50kW (fast) up to 350kW (ultrafast), is dynamic, flexible, open to everyone (public and/or private bodies) who intends to collaborate in the growth of electric mobility in Italy, giving priority to Public Administrations that meet the requirements of the Virtuous Municipality."

The objectives of the agreement signed between Enel X and the Municipality of Viterbo are to contribute to the improvement of air quality in areas of particular interest from a natural and landscape standpoint, to promote zero-emission mobility, as well as to encourage access to urban areas: "the time needed to recharge cars can be used to go shopping or enjoy the city on foot," commented Mayor Giovanni Arena.

The charging infrastructures will be available to the public and can be identified, booked and used on all the internet platforms of various interoperable operators. 

Interoperability is particularly important because it gives electric vehicle drivers complete freedom when choosing the company that provides them with recharging services. Enel X will also take care of infrastructure maintenance, as well as making its Enel X JuicePass App available to customers: this innovative service enables you to recharge your vehicle simply using your smartphone or the RFID card associated with your account (info on 'use: https://www.enelx.com/it/it/mobilita-elettrica/prodotti/privati/app-juicepass).

When using the JuicePass App, the end customer can subscribe to the rate plan that best meets their needs, both with pay-per-use rates and with Flat Rate plans.

Enel X is the Enel Group global business line that offers services for accelerating innovation and energy transition management. World leader in the sector of advanced energy solutions, Enel X manages demand response services for approximately 6 GW of total capacity globally, and approximately 100 MW of installed storage capacity worldwide, as well as approximately 195,000 vehicle charging points made available globally[1]. Through the offering of advanced solutions, including energy management, financial services, and electric mobility, Enel X supplies each partner with a bespoke ecosystem of technological platforms and consultancy services based on sustainability principles and the circular economy. The aim is to supply people, communities, institutions, and businesses with an alternative model, fully respecting the environment, capable of integrating technological innovation with daily life. Each solution is engineered to transform the goals of decarbonization, electrification, and digitalization into sustainable actions for all, in order to build a more sustainable and efficient world together.

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[1] Public and private charging points. It also includes interoperation points.

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