Enel, Filctem, Flaei and Uiltec sign the "Statuto della Persona" to enhance the rights of the individual in the workplace

·         The protocol brings together the experience and awareness of the Group and its partners to launch a model of labor relations increasingly based on collaboration, where individuals and their needs are at the center of a new approach to the world of work

Rome, March 29th, 2022 - Putting the human at the center, looking after their needs in order to value their uniqueness at all stages of their working life, from scholastic education to handing down knowledge to future generations.

The “Statuto della Persona” (“Charter of the Person”) was signed today by Enel and the trade unions FILCTEM, FLAEI and UILTEC. This innovative protocol for Italy puts in place a model of labor relations based on the involvement of the individual and the company, enhancing the value of the person in a harmonious relationship with the surrounding world.

To deal with the rapid changes taking place, an inclusive approach is needed, especially in the workplace. With this in mind, the “Statuto della Persona” aims to enhance the value of people by making them the center of an ecosystem where the company and trade unions work together to create a healthy, safe, stimulating and participatory working environment. An environment where well-being, productivity and safety can be mutually supportive, contributing to the complete fulfilment of the individual.

Guido Stratta, Director of People and Organization of Enel, said: “The Statuto della Persona represents a turning point towards an ethical care mechanism in the relationship space of the workplace, where dignity and well-being are essential factors. The path to sustainability certainly involves adapting the production model, but also rethinking interpersonal dynamics, making them more open and receptive. For Enel, people are always center stage, which is why we are proud of the agreement with FILCTEM, FLAEI CISL and UILTEC, as we believe that reciprocal listening and collaboration between companies and unions is the right way to begin a new era of participation and inclusiveness."

Ilvo Sorrentino, National Secretary FILCTEM, commented: "This document is the result of awareness-raising efforts on many social issues that we have long been discussing with Enel. It is a solid example of collective bargaining. This agreement will not only improve the conditions for workers directly employed by Enel but also extends outwards to the whole ecosystem of suppliers and contractors working with the Group. This is the first time this has been achieved on these terms, but it had to be done. The huge investment that the Group is going to make over the next 10 years will involve all the Group's employees, but also many external staff members. It was our ethical and moral duty to define an appropriate response."

Amedeo Testa, General Secretary of FLAEI CISL, said: "I have no trouble saying that this Statuto della Persona gives rise to an immense and real prospect of shared growth not only for the Enel world but also beyond it. Today's Charter was developed in an environment that was already fertile and ripe for such a vision. In this context, I think it is only fair to express my particular appreciation for those who have guided Enel along this path of "revolutionary evolution", they have surpassed other companies that have been slow to evolve on these strategic issues.”

Andrea Bottaro, National Secretary UILTEC, commented: “"By signing the Statuto della Persona we intend to put people at the center of Enel's activities, in recognition of the contribution that every worker and every person makes to the life of the company. This is a charter that embodies the principles and human values within the company’s structure. An innovative agreement that focuses on the well-being of the individual and which will be decisive for the achievement of objectives. This is a new relational model beginning in Enel that will allow us to manage the energy transition and the new ways of working.”

The “Statuto della Persona” is based on a wide-ranging collaboration between the company and the trade unions, which touches on all the essential aspects of work and its social function. The three areas, well-being, participation and productivity, will promote the protection of dignity at work, inclusiveness, the measurement of productivity taking into account the human factor, work-life balance and flexibility, as well as the construction and safeguarding of a prejudice-free environment. Then, knowledge and continuous learning will be based on a "life-long learning" model, with training and professional refresher courses, female empowerment to encourage the choice of scientific disciplines (STEM), the offer of apprenticeships and availability of external training, also providing for the planning of specific opportunities for self-training. In addition, safety culture and behavior, especially at work, provides for the ex-ante and ex-post analysis of accident risks, the identification of the most innovative technologies for accident prevention, the empowerment of workers and the strengthening of the safety culture, including through the involvement of the supplier network

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