Gridspertise and the Hera Group launch collaboration for the smart grid of the future

·         The agreement aims to synergize the data collected by the networks of the two groups in the gas-electricity multiservice area  

·         The results of this collaboration could be of interest to multi-utility companies also at an international level

Bologna/Rome, April 21st, 2022 - Gridspertise, the Enel Group’s subsidiary dedicated to the digital transformation of electricity grids, and the Hera Group, one of Italy’s largest multi-utilities, have signed a collaboration agreement aimed at developing the smart grids of the future through a state-of-the-art integrated system for the collection and measurement of data from their respective networks in a multi-utility environment.

The two companies are therefore combining the know-how they have developed in their various areas of expertise to achieve technical synergies in the field of network digitalization. The results of this collaboration may be of interest to multi-utility companies also abroad, thus projecting the technological excellence conceived and developed in our country on international markets.

In particular, the agreement provides for the testing of an integrated data collection system used by the Hera Group’s gas devices and Gridspertise’s smart meters for electric networks. The integration tests in the gas-electricity multiservice area will be carried out in Italy on the network managed by Inrete Distribuzione Energia, the natural gas and electricity distribution company of the Hera Group.

The Hera Group will be able to rely, in particular, on its experience in the field of smart gas meters, which has led it to patent the NexMeter advanced meter, the best of its kind at international level for its cutting-edge technology and safety functions, also in terms of reducing gas dispersion into the atmosphere.

Gridspertise will put its most innovative solutions for integrated measurement data management at the service of the development of new smart and sustainable grids to accelerate the digital transformation of electricity infrastructure elements.

In particular, in recent months the company has concluded agreements with the Hera Group for the supply of 435,000 smart meters and concentrators, as well as an innovative remote management system that will be used in the experimentation.

The result is a package of network management solutions using the energy transition as a key element.

Based on the results of the trial, the two companies will consider joint participation in future tenders, also including those held outside the national territory, in which the sale of hardware and software solutions for gas and electricity metering will be envisaged.


At a later stage, this collaboration may also extend to solutions concerning the integrated water cycle, both in terms of measurement and smart water grids.



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