The City of Naples chooses Enel X Way to foster the growth of electric mobility in the city

  • Enel's global business line dedicated to electric mobility has been awarded the first lot in the call for tenders for electric mobility that will lead to the installation of more than 60 charging stations in the capital city of the Campania region


Naples, June 16th, 2022 - Enel X Way has been awarded the first lot of the tender held by the Municipality of Naples' for the construction of the first charging network for electric vehicles on public land. This is a significant milestone that will allow one of the most important cities in the country to become a benchmark for the expansion of electric mobility. Thanks to its successful bid, Enel's electric mobility global business line will install more than 60 charging stations for electric vehicles in the city's most strategic areas with a technology mix ranging from 22 kW Quick chargers, Fast chargers with up to 150 kW power, as well as HPC (High Power Charging) chargers that go up to 300 kW and can charge an electric vehicle in just 20 minutes.

"We are extremely pleased to have been awarded the first lot of the Municipality of Naples' electric mobility call for tenders, a significant achievement that once again demonstrates our leadership in the implementation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles," said Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Enel X Way. "Naples is a strategic city for the development of an electrification model for a range of mobility means. We will provide Campania's capital city with state-of-the-art fast-charging solutions that will act as a driving force for the implementation of e-mobility services that make the city smarter and more environmentally friendly.

Enel X Way charging points will be conveniently located, easy to spot and bookable through the Enel X Way app. All the stations will be powered exclusively by energy from renewable sources. The awarding of the tender to Enel X Way is only the first step in building a public charging network in Naples and will increase the number of charging points throughout Campania, which now stands at around 600.

Enel X Way is the Enel Group's new global business line entirely dedicated to electric mobility. Currently, Enel X Way manages nearly 350,000 charging points, both directly and through interoperability agreements in place around the world. As a global platform for e-Mobility, the company is focused on developing flexible charging technologies and solutions to improve the customer experience by supporting the electrification of transport for consumers, businesses, cities and public administrations.


PR Enel X Way wins tender Municipality of Naples

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