Enel rewards children of colleagues around the world in the "We are Energy 2022" competition

  • Children and Enel innovators have gathered to imagine the future of the energy transition. The award, an international campus, was held for the first time in three different Enel Innovation Hubs in Italy, Spain, and the USA. The event is the unique and innovative experience offered by Enel to the winners of the 2022 edition, which concluded with a virtual event attended by the Group's top management


Rome, July 14th, 2022 - Enel's international competition, "We are Energy," held every year for the 7 to 18-year-old children of colleagues around the world, ended today with a grand final international event that virtually united Italy, Spain, the United States, and South America. The celebration event was attended by the 110 young winners together with Enel Group Chairman Michele Crisostomo, CEO Francesco Starace, Director of Communications Roberto Deambrogio, and the Heads of the various countries involved.

The 18th edition of "We are Energy" focused on one of the main areas Enel is actively working on: Open Innovability® for electrification with the aim of addressing energy challenges and finding solutions for an electric and sustainable future, thus combatting climate change.

Since January, almost 5,000 subscribers, from over 20 different countries in which Enel operates, had the opportunity to learn about energy production from renewable sources, electric mobility, smart grids, and intelligent homes thanks to an educational and entertaining platform rich with in-depth content. In addition, through collaborative games and by creating their own innovation project to tackle tomorrow's energy challenges, they experienced what it means to be innovators and how collaboration is key to the success of any research project.

A jury selected the 110 best energy innovation projects put forward by the participants, and the winners were rewarded with a unique experience: a week-long international campus hosted in three major Enel Innovation Hubs in Catania, Madrid, and Boston. During this time, they experienced a week as true innovators, getting to know Enel staff, current research projects, and Start-Ups involved in the hubs. They also got the opportunity to work on their cutting-edge projects on ultra-futuristic topics such as "Energy in outer space and the future within the metaverse."

During the virtual closing event, the Chairman, CEO, and Director of Communications of the Enel Group had the opportunity to learn about the creative projects the young people had been working on with Enel's Innovation Managers during the award campus. Their imagination and curiosity blossomed into ideas that do not exist yet but could turn into innovative solutions and make the world we live in a better place.


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