Enel and Assonautica sign a memorandum of understanding for the decarbonization and electrification of ports

  • The document for improving the environmental and energy sustainability of Italy’s port areas and all the activities related to recreational boating was presented today


Genoa, September 23rd, 2022 - Developing the electrification and energy efficiency of Italy’s ports, and boosting the use of innovative and renewable technologies to improve the environmental and energy sustainability of recreational sailing activities; Enel Italia and Assonautica Italiana have embarked upon a new synergic path, aimed at evaluating possible joint initiatives. The memorandum of understanding, which will be valid for three years, bears the signature of Nicola Lanzetta, Director of Enel Italia, and Giovanni Acampora, President of Assonautica Italiana, and was presented today by Sonia Sandei, Head of Electrification at Enel, and Andrea Ciulla, Vice-President of Assonautica Italiana, during the Blue Marine award ceremony at the Genoa Boat Show. 

By signing the memorandum, the parties agree to collaborate in developing a number of important projects and activities, aimed at promoting sustainable nautical tourism and all related economic, production, social and sports activities; carry out consumption analysis and determine the level of efficiency of a site; promote mobility sharing projects, and activities related to integrated electric mobility, both on land and at sea, through the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructures.    

“I am extremely pleased about the memorandum, which strengthens the cooperation with  Assonautica Italiana, bringing together issues related to the electrification of ports and marinas, environmental sustainability and electric mobility” said Nicola Lanzetta"The energy transition is an absolute priority for Enel, and the commitment to the sustainable development of the nautical world is a new and stimulating challenge. Having a key interlocutor such as Assonautica will be fundamental to pursuing initiatives to enhance the country environmentally and economically as well as in terms of tourism and employment."

"Enel's initiative to support Assonautica Italiana for projects and initiatives designed to spread innovation and energy efficiency in ports and docks is highly topical and follows the path started by Assonautica to support and enhance our marinas,” affirms Giovanni Acampora"The signing of the memorandum ties in with the nautical tourism initiative and the Blue Marina Awards event in which marinas were rewarded for safety, innovation, environment and tourist hospitality, so it all contributes to enhancing the important role of marinas, which are the basis for the development of boating and nautical tourism, committed to facing a challenge for economic and environmental sustainability."

The initiative will draw on the know-how and expertise of the companies Enel X, dedicated to innovative and energy-efficient solutions, and Enel X Way, dedicated to electric mobility.

Enel, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, is a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the global power and renewables markets.

At global level, it is the largest renewable private player, the foremost network operator by number of end users and the biggest retail operator by customer base. The Group is the worldwide demand response leader and the largest European utility by ordinary EBITDA [1].

Enel is present in 30 countries worldwide, producing energy with over 92 GW of total capacity.

Enel Grids, the Group’s global business line dedicated to the management of the electricity distribution service worldwide, delivers electricity through a network of over 2.3 million kilometers to more than 75 million end users. The Group brings energy to around 70 million homes and businesses. Enel’s renewables arm Enel Green Power has a total capacity of more than 55 GW and a generation mix that includes wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power, as well as energy storage facilities, installed in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Enel X Global Retail, Enel's global business line active in the areas of energy supply and efficiency, has a total capacity of around 7.9 GW of demand response managed globally and has installed 62 MW of behind-the-meter storage capacity. In addition, Enel X Way is the Group’s new company fully dedicated to electric mobility, managing more than 380,000 public and private EV charging points worldwide, both directly and through interoperability agreements. 

[1] Enel’s leadership in the different categories is defined by comparison with competitors’ FY 2021 data. Publicly owned operators are not included.

The National Association for Recreational Boating – Assonautica – was set up by Unioncamere and several Chambers of Commerce to protect the interests of Italian recreational boating, foster its development, and promote nautical tourism and all related economic, production, social and sports activities. To this end, it collaborates with the Chambers of Commerce to qualify and increase the activities of the sector and, more generally, of the sea economy, which, in Italian maritime territories, plays a propulsive role in the local economy, mobilizing and integrating both the agri-food and accommodation sectors and the advanced industry and services sectors. Assonautica is divided into 44 territorial Assonautiche and 5 Assonautiche delle Acque interne, set up on the initiative of the Chambers of Commerce of the respective provinces.


PR Enel-Assonautica

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