Enel Energia recognized as leading service provider for 2023 by German Institute of Quality and Finance

Rome, February 17th, 2023 – Enel Energia was awarded the "Nr. 1 in Service" quality seal based on customer satisfaction, determined following an analysis conducted between July and August 2022 by the German Quality and Finance Institute (ITQF), an independent body specialized in the analysis and comparison of products, services and financial products. The results of the study on the electricity and gas sector, based on a sample of over 300,000 customers, placed the company at the top of the rankings with a score of 74.2%, far above the category average of 55.9%.

The ITQF analysis involved 312,956 interviews with customers in Italy on a panel of 1,929 companies from 190 different sectors of the Italian economy with the largest market shares in the country. For each market, a Service Experience Score (SES) was calculated, indicating the average share of Italians who judge the customer service of companies belonging to that sector as "Very Good". Companies that score above the average receive the "Top Service" quality seal. The company that, on the other hand, obtains the highest score in the entire market to which it belongs receives the "Best in Italy-N.1 Service" seal.

Aurora Viola, Enel Energia's Head of Market Italy said: “We are very proud of the trust that customers place in us and we welcome this result with enthusiasm. We are aware of the quality of our offer and it is essential for us to provide our customers with a quality experience, based on proximity, transparency and reliability."

Considered a benchmark for evaluating the economic and qualitative aspect of companies operating in a country’s strategic sectors, the "Champions of Service 2023" award recognizes the best companies worldwide. Independence, authoritativeness and integrity in the granting of the awards are demonstrated by the reputation of the award itself, which adopts rigorous and highly analytical selection processes.

PR Champions of Service Award 2023

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