SAFE Master’s Degree, another path to Enel

Published on Thursday, 5 October 2017

The nineteenth edition is ready to kick off. You have until 15 December to enroll in the SAFE Master’s Degree in Energy Resource Management. It is a profession-building, multidisciplinary educational pathway held in Rome by SAFE, an independent organisation, in collaboration with Enel.

A seven-month full-time course, from January to July 2018: 650 hours of lesson delivered with the contribution of 110 companies operating in the energy and environmental sectors with the participation of 150 managers. Several of our professionals will also be involved in the teaching activities. Furthermore, Enel will organise visits to its conventional and renewable energy power generation facilities, as well as training days at Group sites.

The objective is to share the know-how of those who have already acquired extensive experience in the field, starting from their own expertise, while adopting a highly operational approach. The aim is to implement technical and economic projects, as well as to plan strategic actions to be adopted in collaboration with the participating companies. The results of the work will then be submitted to their top management, as well as to institutions. Thanks to this procedure, the previous editions of the SAFE Master’s Degree have achieved a job placement rate of 95%: from areas like project and energy management, through marketing or trading, to strategic consulting at NGOS and in institutional affairs.

Designed for brilliant postgraduates in technical, scientific and economic subjects, the 2018 edition is reserved to 35 students and covers six thematic areas: electrical energy, renewable energy sources, waste cycle management, water cycle management, networks and smart cities, as well as oil & gas. These are all fields where Enel is already leading the way for the future.

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