In Einstein’s Universe

Published on Monday, 11 December 2017

The name already has a certain attraction. If you then consider that the exhibition “Gravity. Imagining the universe after Einstein” is free, thanks to Enel’s role as its main sponsor, it would be a pity not to find an opportunity for a visit between now and 29 April. Until then, the premises of the National Museum of 21st-Century Arts in Rome (MAXXI) will offer visitors the chance to explore the great mysteries of the cosmos. They can experience the scientific revolution started 100 years ago by the physicist Albert Einstein, the author of the article which, in 1917, called into question the notions of space and time, ultimately resulting in the “Theory of General Relativity.”   

The project is the result of the collaboration of the museum with the Italian Space Agency and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Yet it also features the work of the Argentinian artist, Tomás Saraceno, in an unprecedented blend of science and art, enhanced by the combination of research instruments and avant-garde installations. These include the replica of the Cassini probe, which reached Saturn, and two mirroring balloons (at the entrance to the museum) that capture imperceptible sounds scattered in the atmosphere. 

Between now and April, the museum will host informative meetings with scientists, philosophers and artists and a marathon of 10 documentaries from the National Geographic archive (from 3 February to 3 March), special events with culinary inventions and theatre performances, giving children the opportunity to participate in educational workshops with scientists. 

The exhibition will also offer special experiences for members of the public with disabilities. This is thanks to a project developed by the Italian National Institute for the Deaf and the Public Engagement Office. Twice a month, guided tours are organized in the Italian sign language (LIS), enabling visitors to rethink their relationship with others through the collaboration of deaf people who have received special training for the “Gravity” exhibition.

There are many prestigious guests: from the philosopher (and former mayor of Venice) Massimo Cacciari to the president of the Italian Space Agency, Roberto Battiston, and the director general of CERN, Fabiola Gianotti. The details of the meetings are included in the programme "Beyond the exhibition", which you can also download from the museum’s website. You will also find immersive installations, iconic discoveries and simulations of experiments designed to bring you closer to the essence of scientific innovation. “Gravity” provides a glimpse into the immensity of the universe, the origin of the light and energy that Enel brings to each of us every day.

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