Enel Energia Tour, the summer of music

Published on Monday, 9 July 2018

A summer pulsing to the energy of music. From 19 July to 29 September, the Enel Energia Tour will travel all over Italy: five events in five cities featuring music for all ages, young people and families.

Thanks to the support of Enel Energia, the Enel Group subsidiary operating in the free market, and local associations, the Tour will stop at Arezzo (19 July), Pescara (28 July) and, following the summer hiatus, Bologna (22 September) and Palermo (29 September). It will set up spaces in city parks for residents to meet and enjoy concerts by some of the most acclaimed Italian artists. From jazz to pop, with some indie and classical music, the performances will satisfy all tastes.

The “Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet” (which consists of Paolo Fresu, Bebo Ferra, Paolino Dalla Porta and Stefano Bagnoli) will inaugurate the Tour in Arezzo, while the Raphael Gualazzi Trio will open in Pescara. The programme also includes Cosmo, Chiara Civello, Igudesman&Joo, Piano Twelve, Haushka, Giorgio Poi and many others.

We continue to support and promote sustainability through meaningful experiences. We were closely involved in the Giro d’Italia in May and the Under23 competition in June, while the Enel Energia Tour coincides with the “Cycling the dams” initiative. This promotes the exploration of 12 picturesque Enel Green Power plants.

“Like the other projects, the Enel Energia Tour is designed to bring us closer to local communities” – explains Barbara Serafini, Enel Head of Commercial Communication Italian Market. She adds: “It answers the question ‘Is music your energy?’ by positioning music as a central, but not single, point: the Tour will take place in city parks, creating welcoming meeting places from late afternoon to late night.”

The centre of the set-up will be “an open stage, which we call Around in technical jargon, where everyone will gather: DJ sets in the afternoon, street food and concerts by two artists in the evening,” says Serafini.

Nicola Giuliani, the Tour’s artistic director, adds that another characteristic is the desire “not simply to travel the cities but to actively involve local communities, to allow them to unleash their energies: this makes Around a place where non-profit organisations and local musicians can express themselves.”

The multi-purpose structure, which was created by Enel using sustainable materials and clean energy, has an innovative design appropriate for the green spaces where it will be hosted. The lighting, inspired by the traditions of the Apulia region, is programmed to accompany each artist, creating a genuine music and light show. At each event, the stage will later host a local radio station, so that those who are unable to be there in person can get involved and everyone will have a way of contributing to the story, sharing photos, videos and updates with the official hashtag #EnelEnergiaTour.

Enel’s energy is the sustainable energy that is “always by your side.”

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