The SAFE Masters course: energising the future

Published on Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Energising the post-grad future. Once again this year, SAFE is organising the Masters in Energy Resource Management, which is running for the 20th time and staged in collaboration with Enel and a hundred or so other businesses and institutions.

Applications for the multidisciplinary, hands-on programme are being accepted until 30 November. Seven full-time months of teaching will take place from January to July 2019 spanning a total of 650 hours of lessons given by over 150 lecturers: lecture days will alternate with days spent in companies as well as visits to operational sites and applied projects.

Students of the SAFE Masters course have a 95% probability of finding work on completion of the course, which mostly attracts graduates in economics, engineering and law. The Masters is part of the “IRELP-IRENA Renewable Energy Learning Partnership” platform run by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency).

The programme is split into two main stages. The focus in the first is on boosting students’ organisational and behavioural skills, learning techniques, communications and also team working, team building and leadership abilities. The second tackles the technical and managerial sides of the three main industrial sectors: oil and gas, electric energy and renewable energy sources. It also deals with the legislative and economic aspects of local environmental services (waste cycle management, water cycle management, grids and smart cities). Managers from our Group will be doing some of the lecturing and also hosting training days as well as making a further contribution through visits to our production plants.  

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