FAI Days, a bridge between hidden treasures and cultures

Published on Friday, 15 March 2019

Italy’s environmental and artistic treasures as a “Bridge between Cultures”: the 27th Giornate FAI di Primavera (FAI Spring Days), which is organised by the the Italian Environmental Fund (Fondo Ambientale Italiano, FAI), is designed to highlight the many cultural influences and diversity of our rich artistic heritage.

This event is supported by Enel Energia, an Enel Group company operating on the free market, and is scheduled for Saturday,  23 March, and Sunday, 24 March. It was unveiled at a press conference in the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage.

Andrea Carandini and Marco Magnifico, respectively chairman and deputy chairman of FAI, introduced the initiative’s broad-ranging programme to an audience that included the Minister for Cultural and Environmental Heritage Alberto Bonisoli and representatives of the event’s various public and private partners. 1,100 locations normally out of bounds to the public will be opened up to visitors in 430 localities in Italy’s regions. The two-day event is also being made possible by the work of 7,500 FAI and 2,000 Civil Defence volunteers who will be flanked by 40,000 Guides, students from schools of all kinds and levels who have signed up to an active citizenship training programme promoted by FAI.

In some of the FAI locations, visits will be led by a hundred volunteers of non-Italian origin who will explain and detail historic, artistic and architectural aspects of their own culture which, through contact with our own, have helped foster the incredible variety and uniqueness of Italian art.

Nicola Lanzetta, Enel’s Head of Italy Market, told those present at the press conference that a focus on the environment, people and local areas are just three of the values that our company shares with the FAI activity and mission. He went on to say that the broad scope of the initiatives designed to enhance our nation’s artistic and environmental heritage is perhaps the aspect that Enel can relate to most closely in the project. Our company has always had a widespread presence in the areas in which we provide services to citizens and communities. This presence also creates value with and for local stakeholders.   

The thousand-plus treasures featured in this 27th edition are scattered all over the country in everything from our big cities to small villages. In Rome, for instance, visitors will be able to explore the 17th century Palazzo della Consulta, seat of the Constitutional Court, and the Palazzo della Rovere. This early Renaissance gem is now the headquarters of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and features Pinturicchio’s masterpiece, the Semi-Gods Ceiling, on its main floor. In Turin visitors can stroll along the Passeggiata del Re (King’s Walk), a secret route inside the Royal Palace normally closed to the public, while in Melegnano, just outside Milan, the astonishing frescoes in the east wing of the Medici di Marignano-owned castle will be on view. In Naples, the public will have access to Lia Rumma’s “home gallery” in the Palazzo Donn’Anna, which is now the headquarters to the Fondazione De Felice. Also opening its doors for the two days will be Pausilypon Archaeological and Environmental Park, a first century BC Roman villa with frescoed halls, thermal baths, a nymphaeum and a 2,000-seat theatre.

Enel Energia initiatives

With this mobilisation of energies, volunteers and visitors, the FAI Spring Days represent a central cultural event for Italy and Enel Energia is happy to be part of this adventure and support the Italian Environment Fund. We have helped to promote the initiative by distributing information material in our 121 Enel Shopsthroughout the country, also making tickets for easy access to FAI sites available to customers . Furthermore, Enel Energia customers enrolled in the enelpremiaWOW! loyalty programme have the opportunity, thanks to a special quiz on our app, to participate in the draw for 150 carnets of 4 tickets for entry to the main FAI sites and 5 weekends for 2 people in Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019 and icon of the beauty of our Country.

So make it a date right now to discover the beauty of Italy and help support it with us on on 23 and 24 March 2019.

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