Enel Energia Tour: an Italian road trip

Published on Friday, 12 April 2019

It feels very much like a road trip designed to take in the very best of what Italy’s localities have to offer. The Enel Energia Tour is making a welcome return and will travel the roads of a nation with over 8,000 Municipalities rich with knowledge and skills that have been handed down through the generations. Talent, energy and knowledge are waiting to be revealed over the course of an itinerary that traverses the Peninsula between April and December.  

Spring will be devoted to the South with the Tour starting from Messina on 16 April with a finish line at Andria on June 7. Summer and the early part of the autumn will be spent in the North West: exploring the areas between Mantua and Rapallo from June 19 to August 2, followed by the areas between Montebelluna and Fidenza from September 4 to October 11. Last but not least, the final autumn and winter weeks will include stop-offs around Central Italy: running from Empoli on October 16 to Vasto on December 5.

Enel Energia, the Group company operating on the free market, is heading back out on the road with a truck carrying selected “ambassadors” who will first gather and then teach the best experiences from each area. Later still, they will perform in front of the local community to highlight the whole story of that apprenticeship. A synergy that will be triggered each and every time by the interaction between the ambassador representing the #EnelEnergiaTour and the local businessperson involved in each stage.  

The first influencer engaged for the tour is theatre actor and former “Amici” talent contestant Andrea Dianetti, a TV star and, most importantly, a very popular face on social media with 158,000 followers on Instagram and 40,000 friends on Facebook.

When the tour arrives in a town, the Enel Energia ambassador and promoters will invite the public to breakfast and get them to take part in an interview to talk about what the energy of that territory is. Throughout the day, there will be performances by the influencer and lots of other events scheduled in the area around the truck for the public to enjoy.

After a 24-hour apprenticeship aboard the truck, the action moves to an Enel Energia store. There the ambassador of the #EnelEnergiaTour will be put to the test with a final performance judged by the local public. To further consolidate the link with the local area, local producers of high quality food and wine most committed to a green, sustainable approach will also be involved. The day will end for guests of the store with a special tasting of zero food miles products.

The #EnelEnergiaTour is focusing on experiences, generations and knowledge.  Not only will it be rooted in the local areas, it will actually live on through social media and other live-streamed events designed to shrink distances and bring the whole experience home at the click of a mouse. 

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