Art, sports, and culture: together for a bright summer

Published on Wednesday, 28 June 2023

Literature, theatre, art performances, and sports: 2023 is shaping up to be a summer of art, culture and competitions with a wide array of events, festivals, and shows, which we are sponsoring, to promote the richness of our heritage from Italy’s north to south. The idea is to foster opportunities to meet and share ideas in order to celebrate the strong ties among territories, communities and people.


“Ritorni:” La Milanesiana celebrates the relationship with nature

Returning is an act of memory, it's a thought that takes us back to our origins, but it’s also about “returning” spaces, and the desire to find a new sense of balance with nature. The 24th edition of  La Milanesiana, a festival with a broad scope (literature, music, cinema, science, art, philosophy, theatre, law, finance, sports, comics) conceived and directed by Elisabetta Sgarbi, offers up so many inspirations. This itinerant festival runs through July 27 and makes stops in various Italian cities, with a wide-ranging program exploring the relationship human beings have with nature and with the most pressing issues of modern life: energy, technology, the environment, digital, social inclusion, and artificial intelligence.


Campania Teatro Festival with a multidisciplinary focus

The 16th edition of the Campania Teatro Festival is focused on multidisciplinarity.  The festival boasts artistic direction by writer, director, and actor  Ruggero Cappuccio, with a selection of innovative initiatives through July 9.  The wide-ranging calendar is divided into 9 Sections (International, National Prose, Dance, Observatory, SportOpera, Music, Literature, Special Projects, and Exhibitions), which translates into 93 events and 116 performances, 57 world premieres and 5 national premieres. Specifically, with the  Observatory section, the festival also offers something for the schools, with workshops and staged performances, confirming the importance of theater in educating younger generations. In addition to performances in theatres in Naples and the Colosseum of Baiano, the festival will also be taking place for the first time in the spectacular setting of the Villa Floridiana in Naples, along with other cities in the Campania region in locations that are full of charm and history.  Making the most of Italy’s historic and artistic heritage with a special focus on respecting the environment by using recyclable materials and gradually eliminating plastic and paper while aiming for efficient consumption and the reduction of CO2 emissions.  


Positano Mare, Sole e Cultura

Positano will once again host the historic event dedicated to literature, now in its 31st edition, allowing us to see the world from another point of view. Positano Mare, Sole e Cultura, which kicked off with the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, in attendance, runs through July 13 with a wide range of events that offer a reflection on current cultural and social issues, inspiring a debate aimed at looking to new horizons and the opportunity for personal and collective growth.


Culture, environment and sustainability on stage at Tones Nature Theater 

The Tones Teatro Natura festival – which runs from June 30 to September 10 with the wonderful backdrop of the Val Formazza (in the region of the Val d’Ossola) – is not just a space dedicated to art and performance. It’s also a place to celebrate nature, innovation, wellness, and knowledge. There are digital performances, multimedia works, and site-specific installations alternated with workshops dedicated to civic education and participatory practices, in a truly unique setting in Italy: a permanent stone theater carved out of a quarry no longer in use. The Cava Roncino has thus become a multidisciplinary space for the performing arts that aims to be an example of environmental sensibility and energy sustainability.


“Sopra l'inferno”: Walking a tightrope over the Geothermal Hills 

A multidimensional site-specific event will be held in the magical setting of Devil's Valley in Tuscany: "Sopra l'inferno" (Above Hell) is the name of the aerial performance by “zen tightrope walkerAndrea Loreni at the Festival delle Colline Geotermiche (Festival of Geothermal Hills in Pomarance near Pisa). The performance will be accompanied by the voices of soprano Greta Buonamici and the Corale di Valle chorus, making for a lively “metaphysical ring” at the Arena Geotermica, created by Enel Green Power in the decomissioned cooling tower of Larderello's Power Plant 3. This is further evidence of our Group's commitment to repurposing decomissioned sites to be returned to local areas and communities.  

This artistic project is signed by Boris Vecchio and Marco Pasquinucci, curated by Sarabanda Association and Officine Papage. It aims to represent the subtle balance between man and infinity, becoming a universal metaphor for the human journey.


Il Libro Possibile literary event on the coast of Puglia

“Penso Positivo" (Positive thinking) is the theme and spirit of the XXII edition of the literature festival that begins in Polignano a Mare on July 5, running through July 8. It will then move to Vieste, on the Gargano Peninsula, from July 18–22. 

This year, the Il Libro Possibile event, with its cosmopolitan spirit, is aiming to appeal to a wider, more international audience, with a focus on the future, rights, the climate, and legal issues.  

This cultural festival believes that sharing is of key importance for the future, and in the power of the written word, as well as in values of solidarity and inclusion with initiatives and collaborations meant to benefit society. 


Maratona dles Dolomites: focus on the value of Humanity 

Being human, humane, and humanitarians: "Umanité" is the theme of the 36th Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel, scheduled for July 2.  This year's sporting event wants to offer up a message of solidarity and altruism, emphasizing the importance of the human factor, which must always be recognized and at the center of any model of progress and growth. These values are also celebrated at the Marathon Village, the creative heart of the event, which from June 29 to July 1, will bring San Leonardo in Badia to life with a schedule of events dedicated to the world of cycling, the local area, and food. We will also have a space where visitors can learn more about innovations in the green energy industry and electric mobility.


Worldwide Championships of Sprint Canoeing: from sports to natural heritage

Enel Green Power also confirms its support for the younger generation and the values of sports by supporting the Junior and Under 23 Sprint Canoe World Championships, which will take place from July 5-9 on Santa Caterina Lake in Auronzo di Cadore. This is the first time this event has been hosted on an Alpine lake, featuring a sport that symbolizes commitment and dedication in a wonderful setting boasting the unique and amazing backdrop of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is an opportunity to witness an exciting competition featuring young athletes while exploring the natural heritage of the Dolomites. Here you can hike or climb, enjoying one of the world’s most famous mountainous areas. 

Learn about the other summer initiatives that have the support of Enel Green Power throughout Italy, including concerts, theater performances, sporting events, films, and exhibitions.

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