Training for a sustainable future

Our Group has built its strategy on the UN’s SDGs and is at the forefront when it comes to promoting a form of energy that is equally important – knowledge. We are doing this through education and training initiatives that concern primarily civil society, with a particular focus on the very young. The goal is to promote a culture of sustainability as a driver of economic development and the construction of sustainable societies. We also want to offer those youngsters preparing to enter the world of work a full and mature awareness of the skills required for today’s employment market. Finally, for those who are already employed in the electricity sector and elsewhere, we are working to raise awareness of the new scenarios and opportunities that the energy transition offers. 

More specifically, our commitment is evident in joint projects with external partners, with various different goals. These include: raising awareness in communities about the issues outlined in the 2030 Agenda, pathways for startups capable of developing innovative solutions, professional training courses in the electricity sector, the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying, countering the phenomenon of students dropping out of school, and integrating educational activities with workshop experiences.

Our commitment is organized in line with the national RiGenerazione Scuola plan promoted by the Ministry of Education to facilitate an ecological and cultural transition for schools. The project aims to revitalize the school’s role in instilling values, teaching that development can only be sustainable if it meets the needs of present generations without compromising future ones. 


A World to discover

Quality education

Quality education serves to improve people's lives and ensure sustainable development. Therefore, we are committed to promoting the special form of energy that is knowledge.


We organize training initiatives for students and teachers: laboratory activities, hands-on and interactive experiences both in schools and in open spaces or digital environments.


We offer training and technical skills acquisition opportunities for the energy sector. We support courses to bring young people closer to work and provide new career opportunities.


Preserving biodiversity is one of the great global challenges; the educational workshops and citizen science activities for young people are also part of this.


We promote inclusion and enhance the potential of people with disabilities through our training courses.


Stimulating virtuous behaviors and lifestyles with a view to sustainability, inclusion and sharing: this is also a goal of our training projects.


Current projects

In this section, you can find out more about our active projects.


We contribute to the creation of physical and digital learning spaces, promoting a new concept of sustainable schooling. In this field we’re also involved through our charitable organization, Enel Cuore, which supports numerous projects dedicated to the culture of education, including:


Completed projects

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