“Energie per Crescere” (Energy for Growth): a bridge between training and the world of work

Published on Thursday, 19 May 2022

“With this program we want to help create new growth opportunities, both for young people and for the companies in our network of suppliers, by focusing on technical training. We believe that human capital is central to achieving the goals of the energy transition.”

– Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Country Italy, Enel

The program

The activities of selection, training and identifying career paths will be coordinated by ELIS, an organization with more than 50 years of experience in training people and launching careers. The selected candidates will take a free 5-week course that includes both theoretical and practical training (200 hours) at Accredia-accredited institutes located across the country. So far 11 training bodies are involved in the program: ELIS, Heading, Agorà, Fasten, Assimpianti, Ecotech, CM Servizi, New Tecna, Dharma, Formamente and APP Energia.

The courses are free of charge and include a reimbursement of expenses of 800 euros. At the end of the training period, the candidates can be hired directly by our partner companies with fixed-term contracts for 6 months or more.

Managing the demand for staff from the companies involved in the program are several leading employment agencies, such as Gi Group, Manpower, Openjobmetis, Orienta, Synergie, Randstad, FMTS, Adecco and Umana. The nationwide reach of the program means that candidates can evaluate the location of job proposals prior to beginning the training course.

The requisites for applying to take part in Energie per Crescere are a high school diploma or a professional qualification in the field of electricity, electronics or technology. The call is intended specifically for unemployed or first-time job seekers with a good aptitude for site work and outdoor work who want to train in operational roles.


The prospective operational roles

The training concerns the specific operational roles of:

  • cable technician: the person responsible for the assembly and maintenance of overhead power distribution lines (medium and low voltage) in bare conductors and insulated cables;
  • cable splicer: the person in charge of making splices and terminations on overhead and underground cables (medium and low voltage);
  • secondary substation and PMT fitter: the person responsible for electromechanically fitting secondary substations, PMTs (Pole-Mounted Transformers) and pole disconnectors;
  • LV live operator: is the person in charge of utility management activities (end customer management) carried out on power outlets and metering units, i.e. the management of electronic meters (installation, substitution, removal and programming) that requires both technical expertise and soft skills as well as an aptitude for dealing with customers. This role also involves activities on low voltage concentrators at substations and (PMTs) pole-mounted transformers.


Each of these roles uses specific instrumentation to perform all of the activities necessary for operating in complete safety on site.

Foto di gruppo di ragazzi - Enel.it

The protagonists

“My dream is to gain knowledge and experience of everything I see.”

– Bruno, 23 years old

“From this course I expect to have a stable career opportunity in the field of electrical energy, which I believe is the future.”

– Marzio, 32 years old

“For my future I hope to have adequate training for the great job opportunities that will open up.”

– Davide, 23 years old

Watch all the videos of the protagonists of Energie per Crescere in the dedicated playlist.


Our partner companies

“Training – both theoretical and practical – is a cornerstone of our company.”


“At this time, this program is one of the routes that enable us to take a short cut.”


“For a young person, investing in this field means ensuring a future filled with prospects for career development.”




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