Value for Disability: the value of diversity

Published on Monday, 13 June 2022

Two Dynamo Camp operators hoist a child in a wheelchair onto a tree in an adventure park -

Support from Enel Cuore

We are committed to inclusion and diversity also through Enel Cuore, our non-profit organisation. It supports third-sector organizations and projects that bring out the full value of people with disabilities and increasingly foster their inclusion thanks to art, sport, nature, and initiatives for the workplace. Among the many projects we support:

  • TennistavolOltre Plus
    A project carried out with Federazione Italiana Tennistavolo (the Italian Table Tennis League) to boost the motor and sports skills of children with disabilities.
  • Stazione Bar&Cucina
    An ethical and inclusive place to eat that will employ some young people with disabilities, founded in Finale Emilia by Associazione Rulli Frulli Lab.
  • Orchestra Regionale Inclusiva della Toscana
    A project by the organization In-Armonia that makes playing in an orchestra accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Dynamo Camp
    A center for recreational therapy where children who are experiencing a severe or long-term illness can recover their self-confidence after hospitalization.
  • A spasso con le dita
    A project focused on the inclusion of blind or visually impaired boys and girls, through the production of tactile books, a traveling exhibition, and educational workshops.
  • Mettiamo su casa!
    A call for proposals to support initiatives that foster the independence of adults with disabilities through forms of co-housing and innovative home automation and design solutions.
  • Piada52
    A street-food project supporting the employment and social integration of young people with disabilities, which has transformed the life of a neighborhood in Forlì.

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