Everyone has their own energy

Everyone has their own energy

There are many meanings to the word “energy” and even more universes to explore when talking about this concept. There is the power of the past and the energy of the future, that sustainable, intelligent energy we are creating now. This is where the energy of people is essential: everyone has the power to fulfil an ambition or a dream, as demonstrated in our campaign, “What's Your Power”, which marks the start of a new relationship.

This is the spirit that inspires us to develop innovative services and tools to bring Enel even closer to the customers who have chosen our energy, so we can reward their trust. This vision is the starting point for our initiatives to give back energy in a new form. One such project is “La Bolletta D’Oro” (“The Golden Bill”) promoted by Enel Energia for the free market and open to all the customers who belong to the enelpremia 3.0 community. The competition, which was launched in December, has rewarded five winners with golden objects with the equivalent value of the cost of providing light and gas for one year. There is also a special prize: a golden object with a value equal to the cost of five years’ light and gas.

We set off on a little Grand Tour to meet some of the winners and find out about their energy. From Rome we headed to Lecce in Apulia and then to Ragusa in Sicily.

In Lecce we met Rosario who calmly described the power of family values, of his work, his connection with the earth and those moments when he is on his motorcycle.


“My energy is my family, who give me the will to live every day. The environment is the energy of the Salento. As we say in Lecce, it’s all about 'the earth, the sea and the wind.' And then there are the olives, the green gold of the Salento.”

– Rosario, winner, Bolletta d'Oro

In Ragusa, we met Salvatore. His energy is sparked by the small but important things of daily life, the invigorating nature of the sea, the countryside and the Sicilian air: these are all things that help charge his batteries.


“To me Enel is energy, home, work. I see something bigger, not just a simple light bulb. There is so much going on behind that.”

– Salvatore, winner, Bolletta d'Oro

As they told us about the projects they will now set into motion thanks to this unexpected win, Salvatore and Rosario shared their energy with us, welcoming us to their stories and opening the doors to their homes where, every day, our energy enters.

As Enel General Manager, Francesco Starace, explains our customers are more than just users of our services: they are people who “will increasingly be at the centre of our system, not as passive consumers, but as important interlocutors. They are careful and attentive to their energy consumption, system efficiency and value-added services, and we are in direct contact with them.”

This is what Open Power means: transforming our energy for others every day, in order to discover new meanings and new values.