Sustainability, with philosophy

Published on Friday, 15 November 2019

“We begin to philosophise when we don’t understand who we are, where we come from, what we want and why we live.” With these words, Guido Stratta, Enel’s Head of development, training and recruiting, inaugurated the first of eight talks - entitled “A tu per tu con la filosofia (Face to face with philosophy)” - on 31 October. The initiative aims to tackle issues of the environment, energy and ecology through “appointments with critical thinking.” It is led by two influential representatives of the oldest and most emblematic scientific and cultural association of philosophy in Italy, the Società Filosofica Italiana (SFI: The Italian Philosophical Society).

The project was inaugurated by Emidio Spinelli, SFI President and Professor of History of Ancient Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome, along with the first module of talks which focused on “Philosophy and Responsibility.”

The profound crisis of our planet today, which is caused by climate change, is making humans ask important questions about their destiny and that of the “biosphere.” Professor Spinelli believes that if “we all put environmental sustainability at the top of our list every morning, we would have already made important progress.” Choosing to behave sustainably begins with small daily gestures. “Do you need philosophy to do that?” Spinelli asked the audience at the Enel Auditorium, “You don’t need a degree in philosophy, of course, but you definitely need to think.”

The four appointments in the second module, on the relationship between “Philosophy and trust,” will be led by Gaspare Polizzi, Honorary President of the SFI Florence section and previously lecturer in the History of Philosophy at the University of Florence.

The talks will be moderated by Marco Deriu, a researcher and lecturer in Sociology of Political and Environmental Communication at the University of Parma.

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