We are committed to achieving the energy transition by focusing on renewables and the electrification of consumption in order to accelerate Italy’s energy independence and reduce the use of energy from fossil fuels until it is completely eliminated.

At the same time, we work every day on an integrated industrial supply chain for sustainable electrification to ensure our customers have freedom from relying on the supply chains of other countries.

We do this by focusing on reliability through concrete initiatives and solutions so we can be there for our customers, raising awareness regarding energy use and combating energy poverty. 

We support Italy’s growth and development by training young people to turn them into the protagonists of the energy transition.

We foster virtuous partnerships which ensure solidity and competitiveness within our entire value chain.

All this is possible thanks to the energy of our people and to innovation, which is a driver for sustainable growth.



Energy freedom

In order to attain energy freedom for Italy and for individuals, we invest with a focus on renewables and on creating an innovative production chain, like we do at the 3Sun GigaFactory.


Energy independence

We are working to upgrade the grid so it is digital, resilient and efficient, allowing Italians to be active players in their consumption in order to reach energy independence.



We are there for people to ensure reliability and concrete solutions, raising awareness about energy saving and combating energy poverty.



We believe that training is a driver for the growth of individuals and of Italy: we implement numerous programs aimed at the younger generations.



We create virtuous partnerships to stimulate competitiveness and establish a value chain that is truly sustainable for the development of the entire Italian economic system.


Our numbers

Our commitment for Italy through numbers.

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