ILLUMINA, a new story of light and nature in the heart of Milan


Shining a light on climate change, the risks to our planet and what we can do to save it. From December 18th a bright “Ice Tree” will welcome visitors to Milan’s Biblioteca degli Alberi (BAM) – the Library of Trees – a large green space in the heart of the metropolis. The tree is part of ILLUMINA, a lighting installation that offers a glimpse of an Arctic landscape. It is designed to raise awareness about global warming and protecting the environment. This is the first stage of a wider project, #EnelInCircolo, which we have launched together with Enel Energia for the free market in order to share our sustainable strategy with local communities all over the country.

Until January 17th, light and nature will be the stars in this evocative setting which will see the BAM park illuminated in such a way as to create arctic landscapes through the language of urban light art. It is a visual and audio work that was created without producing waste and which uses highly energy-efficient LEDs and recycled materials (all of the waste generated from the creation of the installation has been reused to become part of the installation itself).

Visitors can immerse themselves in an arctic atmosphere of polygonal structures that emerge from greenery featuring sculpted surfaces that resemble large polar bears. These reflect the surrounding spaces, while light and sound effects evoke the Earth’s coldest regions, where the melting of the ice caps is a demonstration of the consequences of global warming.

ILLUMINA is just the beginning of the story and serves to introduce #EnelInCircolo, a project which will develop over the course of 2021 through many initiatives that are focused on sustainability and the circular economy. Among these, the project to give back to the city the Via Dezza Gardens. This is thanks to a series of interventions to redevelop the urban space and to make the park more welcoming with a renovation of the green area, including the sports courts and pitches, as well as the playgrounds.

From the spring onwards we will continue to circulate our energy by combining art and the circular economy with a schedule of initiatives all about the “recycling philosophy” and urban art, giving new life to objects and waste materials and promoting sustainable behavior. This is in order to show that art can play a key role and be the vehicle of social and cultural change for a better future.