Energy and Agriculture at the Coldiretti Village


The energy transition meets agriculture. As a sponsor of the “Coldiretti Village,” we brought to the Circus Maximus in Rome our commitment to supporting the supply chain through concrete action such as promoting the construction of solar photovoltaic electricity production plants on rooftops in the agricultural and agribusiness sector.

“Electrification and sustainability can be an opportunity also for this sector, which is highly strategic and has great potential in terms of decarbonization and energy efficiency,” stated Head of Country Italy Nicola Lanzetta during the panel Food and Agriculture: food sovereignty, supply chains and biodiversity. “The PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) is a keystone for this country. We often squabble over ideological issues when there is one incontrovertible fact: the ability to self-produce electricity is important. This is an opportunity for companies because today producing energy in Italy has become easier. Already over the past two years we have been witnessing extremely significant growth in plants connected to the distribution grid. Because farms have structures and fields at their disposal, they have an additional opportunity, and we at Enel can support them. With today’s technology we can address the issue of self-production, thanks in part to lower costs. Investments that were prohibitive until yesterday are no longer prohibitive today, and with 1.5 billion available from the PNRR it is even more affordable,” he added.


The Coldiretti Village

The event, held in the Italian capital from October 13-15, was one of five stops during a tour that will cover all of Italy and run through December with educational tours, workshops, educational farm visits, markets, show cooking, vegetable gardens, entertainment and community initiatives.

The initiative is aimed at enhancing the culture of food by involving citizens, companies, institutions and associations. We made the decision to support it as a Group in order to convey our commitment to sustainability and our close ties to the territory.