Giro Under 23: cycling’s promising youngsters

Published on Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Bikes: the symbol of sustainable mobility

Thanks in part to the growing popularity of electric bikes, cycling has also become one of the international symbols of sustainable mobility. Aside from launching a National Plan in November 2017 to install e-vehicle charging infrastructure in Italy and to contribute to the development of e-car-related innovative technologies, Enel is working to promote the use of e-bikes. This year, in fact, we launched the first Giro E to coincide with the Italian stages of the Giro d’Italia: this is the first e-bike-only race, but we ultimately aim to turn what is currently an experimental competition into an official race for the amateur category. 

Nowadays,  pedal-assisted bikes are an increasingly popular means of getting around in our country and are also beginning to edge towards competition. 

Courage, passion, leadership and team spirit are the values encapsulated by the Pink Jersey. The exact values our company intends to promote to young people.

Through the Giro Under 23 Enel, aside from the successors to MoserBattaglin and Pantani, who won the competition in their youth before enjoying success as professionals, we want to get a new generation of champions of sustainability across the finish line.  

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