New energy spaces


New architectural designs: 4 competitions get under way

The energy transition – to which we are committed – also concerns the redesigning of power plants to make them more sustainable and more circular. For this reason we have launched four competitions which are open to professional architects and engineers with a view to selecting the best new architectural solutions for the plants. These facilities will be transformed from coal-fired power stations into increasingly modern and efficient power plants which combine energy production from natural gas and renewable sources, as well as batteries for energy storage.

The plants in question are the Eugenio Montale in La Spezia, the Andrea Palladio in Venice, the Torrevaldaliga Nord in Civitavecchia and the Federico II in Brindisi.



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The main goal is to create genuine energy centres that are increasingly integrated with their local environment, reducing the impact on the landscape, thanks to a new idea of what a power plant can be. These facilities will in fact include open spaces made available for local communities to use and the successful designs will be based on the principles of sustainability, circularity and innovation. With the launch of these competitions we aim to communicate our commitment to the decarbonisation of electricity generation and the conversion of sites into iconic features of the energy transition and points of reference for the local area.

At the same time we aim to reinforce the role of these energy sites, involving local stakeholders in all stages of the transformation process. 


Who can enter?

The competitions are open to professional architects and engineers, and in particular younger members of these professions. They are set to benefit from technical and scientific support from local universities, in particular, the University of Genoa for the Eugenio Montale plant, the University of Venice for the Andrea Palladio plant, the Tuscia University and Rome’s La Sapienza University for the Torrevaldaliga Nord plant and the University of Salento for the Federico II plant.

How to enter

The competition opened on 13 July 2020 and will conclude with the detailed assessment of the entries and the selection of the winners.

Entrants will be required to submit a technical and economic proposal for the projects, which should conform to the criteria outlined by Enel. A commission composed of representatives from Enel, local universities and institutions will judge the proposals.

The main evaluation criteria will be:

  • the modularity of the project based on the various phases of converting the plant;
  • the usability by the community;
  • the social and environmental sustainability of the proposals, with a particular attention to circularity and the reuse of existing buildings and infrastructure;
  • technological innovation.


In addition to receiving prize money, the winners will be assigned the successive architectural planning of their proposal in order to ensure the quality of its construction and coherence with the original design.

In early 2021 the executive planning of the winning proposals will be developed with the aim of using them for the creation of the new plants, for which the authorisation procedures are currently under way.

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