A new page in the history of Enel's Trino plant

Published on Monday, 17 October 2016

The public call for the proposal of redevelopment and purchase projects of the site in the province of Vercelli was presented. Expressions of interest should be submitted from October 10 until December 22, 2016.
A new era is starting Enel's "Galileo Ferraris" plant in Trino (Vercelli). On October 6 the public call promoted by Enel to identify innovative and sustainable proposals for the redevelopment and purchase of the industrial site was presented at the council hall of the Municipality in Piedmont.

The project for the Trino site is part of the process that was launched with Futur-e to provide a new use for 21 no longer competitive thermal power plants. It was presented by Enel’s Global Thermal Generation Director Enrico Viale, the Professor of Planning and Urban and Territorial Policies at the Milan Polytechnic Alessandro Balducci, the Mayor of Trino Alessandro Portinaro and the director of Confindustria Vercelli Valsesia Carlo Mezzano.

The procedure provides that whoever is interested in submitting their projects and purchasing the site should send their Expression of Interest from 10 October to 22 December 2016 under the conditions specified in the Notice to be published on the Futur-e platform the same day.
The Expressions of Interest will be subject to a preliminary check with the collaboration of the Milan Polytechnic, technical partner of Enel in the Futur-e project, designed to verify that they meet the necessary requirements. After this selction the pre-qualified parties will participate in the second stage of the procedure, which involves sending Binding Offers, containing a Project Proposal for the redevelopment of the area and a business plan including the financial offer for the purchase of the site. The deadline of this second round along with the conditions will be communicated to the pre-qualified parties.

The proposals will be assessed by a technical commission that will verify their suitability, with particular attention to the opportunities and needs of the local community, already probed by means of a targeted listening plan, and to specific sustainability and feasibility requirements, economic parameters and effects on the employment.

The projects submitted to the Technical Assessment Commissionmay concern functional areas useful to the enhancement of the Site such as services and trade, agri-food, tourism, sports, business services sector, nature, social and cultural fields, innovative industrial sector. Projects that propose the contextual development of more functional areas will also be taken into account.

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