A theme park in the new life of the former Trino power station

Published on Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Futur-e project continues to transform the future shape of former power station sites. The latest to be redeveloped is the Leri Cavour site in Trino, near the town of Vercelli in northern Italy. Enel has signed a preliminary agreement for its sale with Galileo Ferraris Srl, a group of local companies and entrepreneurs.  

The programme promoted by our company to give new life to the sites of 23 power stations that have come – or are coming – to the end of their useful life as energy producers will see the former Vercelli plant transformed into an automotive theme park with e-vehicle research labs and an area equipped with recharging stations, as well as gardens and spaces for innovation and services.

Futur-e is based on the threefold concept of sustainability, circular economy and safeguarding the local area. It helps power plants that have played a role in the lives and history of local communities for decades to set out on a path towards new development opportunities for their area. These values are expressed to the full by Galileo Ferraris Srl’s project, which will have positive repercussions among local companies in terms of jobs and business: over the first three years, the redevelopment process will involve local companies in the selective demolition of structures that would have no role in the site’s future activities. Later on, the completed project will provide indoor go-karting areas, a nature park with zones dedicated to agriculture and landscaping, and commercial and leisure activities highlighting the excellence of local food and wine products. This solution integrates smoothly with the development plan for the surrounding area, with wider-ranging plans involving the automotive and racing sectors.  

Enel will play an active role in the site’s future – one section of the former power station was not included in the project tender and will remain the property of the company, which will use it to create an innovative logistics hub to handle the Group’s commercial activities.  

The proposal put forward by Galileo Ferraris Srl is completed by work on improving the historic village of Leri Cavour, which is near the power station site, and maintaining, within the site area, a small natural oasis near the installation’s cooling tanks in order to protect and nurture local wildlife and birdlife.  

“This latest step forward enables the Futur-e project to establish itself as best practice for the redevelopment of our decommissioned installations,” says Carlo Tamburi, Enel’s Head of Country Italy, while in the words of Vittorio Piazza, CEO of Galileo Ferraris Srl, “In the context of circular economy it was inevitable that the Enel power station repurposing project would be linked to sustainable mobility, regional redevelopment and respect for the environment, the concepts underpinning Galileo Ferraris Srl’s mission.”

The former Leri Cavour thermal-electric power station was Enel’s first combined cycle plant in Italy. It was built between 1991 and 1997 and came onstream in 1998 with an installed power capacity of 700 MW. From 2012 energy production fell sharply and in 2013 authorisation was given to decommission the plant, which then became part of the Futur-e project.

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