Alessandria (Piedmont)


Gas turbine power plant


66,000 sq.m.

Plant’s gross capacity

176 MW

Contest of ideas

Alessandria has hosted the first pilot example of an open international "call" aimed to collect and enhance proposals from stakeholders on the Enel plant’s future intended use.

The "contest of ideas" that Enel launched in July 2015 to identify a new intended use for the plant in Piedmont has involved 200 participants from eight countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Individuals, groups of companies, architectural firms and associations have submitted proposals that have been selected by a jury formed by representatives of Enel, the City of Alessandria, the Milan Polytechnic, and the University of Eastern Piedmont. Three prizes were awarded, as specified in the notice, to which two special mentions were added.


Call and documentation

The call for ideas for the redevelopment of the Central Alexandria expired on 15 October. On this page you can find details about the announcement, however, the modalities of participation and the characteristics that were required in order to participate in the Competition of Ideas for the center of Alexandria.





The winners

The jury of the contest of ideas for the redevelopment of Enel’s site of Alessandria has selected three winning projects and assigned two other special mention. The Jury was composed of:

M. Ferralasco: Councilor for the Municipality of Alessandria
Ing. F. Gostinelli: Head of Business Development, Global Generation, Enel
Prof. Avv. E. Bruti Liberati: Professor of administrative law at the Departmet of Economic and Social Political Science of the University of Eastern Piedmont
Prof. Giovanni Azzone: Dean of the Milan Polytechnic
Prof. Alessandro Balducci: Professor of Planification and Urban Policies, Milan Polytechnic