Bastardo - Gualdo Cattaneo (Perugia, Umbria)


Thermoelectric coal power plant


14 hectares

Plant’s gross capacity

150 MW

The local area

The fortress and the churches of Gualdo Cattaneo are distinguishing features of the artistic and historical heritage of the town that over the centuries, due to its strategic location between Foligno and Spoleto, was at the centre of conflicts and disputes but also a site of important architectural development.

The fortifications represent a fascinating tourist attraction offering visitors the possibility to experience a journey through time from the era of ancient Rome until today.

The area’s hills and villages are dotted with olive oil mills and vineyards. Gualdo Cattaneo is a must for those who want to discover the Sagrantino wine route and the culinary tradition that includes the truffle, extra virgin olive oil but also the cultivation of walnuts.



Concerning the procedure for the purchase and redevelopment of the Gualdo Cattaneo power plant (Perugia), Enel Produzione S.p.A. has announced that the final deadline for the submission of project proposals together with binding financial offers has been extended to 18 December 2019.