Campomarino (Campobasso, Molise)


Gas turbine power plant


65,000 sq.m. (of which 27,000 sq.m. are green)

Plant’s gross capacity

88 MW

The territory

The plant is located within in a vast agricultural area, about 3 km from the sea and from the larger conurbations of Campomarino and Portocannone, slightly further away is the Termoli industrial complex.

The town of Campomarino extends inland from the Adriatic coast. The city centre is less than a kilometre from the beaches at Lido, which in the recent past has experienced significant development that has given life to a vibrant tourist industry.

The predominantly agricultural economy of Campomarino is based in particular on the cultivation of grapes, which were introduced in ancient times by the Romans and the Samnites and over the years led to the development of an important winemaking industry. Other crops include wheat and cereals, olive trees and fruit trees (peaches, apricots, apples), while nowadays watermelons and melons are also cultivated in the area.