Campomarino (Campobasso, Molise)


Gas turbine power plant


65,000 sq.m. (of which 27,000 sq.m. are green)

Plant’s gross capacity

88 MW

Recent events
Over the years the plant’s role in the electricity system declined significantly until eventually it became marginal to an energy scenario that had changed profoundly. The Campomarino plant produced its last kilowatt hour in 2012 and Enel requested and obtained from the Ministry of Economic Development the authorization to cease activity and secure the plant on 30 January 2013. In 2015 the plant was included in the project Futur-e. Some of the plant’s components that are no longer in use have already been recovered and transferred to other plants that are still active, in keeping with the principles of the circular economy.

The territory
The plant is located within in a vast agricultural area, about 3 km from the sea and from the larger conurbations of Campomarino and Portocannone, slightly further away is the Termoli industrial complex.

The town of Campomarino extends inland from the Adriatic coast. The city centre is less than a kilometre from the beaches at Lido, which in the recent past has experienced significant development that has given life to a vibrant tourist industry.

The predominantly agricultural economy of Campomarino is based in particular on the cultivation of grapes, which were introduced in ancient times by the Romans and the Samnites and over the years led to the development of an important winemaking industry. Other crops include wheat and cereals, olive trees and fruit trees (peaches, apricots, apples), while nowadays watermelons and melons are also cultivated in the area.


Enel, in line with its Open Power philosophy and as part of the Futur-e project, intends to begin a procedure to assess and select proposals for the purchase and repurposing of the Enel industrial site in Campomarino in the province of Campobasso.

The procedure will be organised into two phases:

  • First phase: invitation for expressions of interest
  • Second phase: due diligence, site inspection, project proposal and binding offer to purchase the site.

To submit expressions of interest, register on and access the dedicated platform (those already registered need only access the platform) and then proceed to the section “Participate”).

The expressions of interest must be submitted by 12 midday of 15/02/2019 and will be subjected to a preliminary assessment by Enel based on the requisites for the subjects submitting the proposal.

Following the assessment, Enel will inform those subjects considered suitable to proceed to the second phase of the procedure for the presentation of the project proposal and the related binding offer for the purchase of the site.

The project proposals will be evaluated based on their suitability, taking into account the criteria outlined in the procedure, which aim to prioritise projects that are innovative and sustainable from a social, economic and environmental point of view, with a particular emphasis on opportunities and the needs of the local community.

Following the selection of the project proposals, Enel will begin negotiations with the subjects that present the related binding offer of purchase in order to proceed to the sale of the power plant area.

In the case in which on the day of the deadline there are technical connection problems or malfunctions on the platform, Enel will consider, at its own discretion, the possibility to accept expressions of interest received after the aforementioned deadline if they are sent via email to the address webmaster@enel.com within 24 hours of the deadline.

The submission of an expression of interest will be understood as an agreement to comply with all of the terms, modalities and conditions of the procedure contained in the relevant documentation.

For further information about the procedure and the Campomarino site, questions can be sent to webmaster@enel.com.


On this page you can find the “Expressions of Interest” to take part and the supporting material.

The expression of interest must be received by 12 midday of 15/02/2019.